Frequently asked questions.

Policy & Coverage FAQs

A Lifetime policy means that your Annual Limit will be replenished every year. So as long as you keep your policy active by renewing it each year, your pet will be covered for life.

At Waggel, we only offer Lifetime policies.

We only offer a Lifetime policy here at Waggel.

Medical Bills
Your Waggel policy will cover vet bills for accidents, injuries, and illnesses, up to your chosen Annual Limit. This includes £1,000 for dental treatments (accident & illness) and £1,000 for complementary and behavioural treatments.

Purchase Price
We will cover a portion of your purchase price that you paid when adopting your pet up to £1,000 in the event your pet passes away, is stolen, or goes missing.

Third-Party Liability
For dogs, you are covered up to £2 million if your dog is responsible for injuring or damaging another person or their property.

The above is only meant as a summary. Please refer to your policy wording for the full details as to what is and isn't covered.

While our policy does cover the majority of issues that might occur within your pet's life, there are some things we don't cover.

Your pet will not be covered for treatment that occurs within the first 14 days of the policy (your warm-up period).

Medical Claims
Routine, elective or preventative treatments such as neutering, grooming, flea/worming treatments, dental polish/scale removal
Pre-existing conditions - symptoms or conditions that occurred before your pet was insured with us
Advanced treatments such as stem cells, gene therapy, prosthetics, and organ transplants.
Notifiable diseases
Blankets & prescription food are also not covered

Purchase Price due to Loss, Theft or Passing
Pre-existing conditions
Cremation or burial costs
Death due to illness of pet over 8 years old

Third-Party Liability
Claims made by family
Claims related to your work
Claims whereby your dog is aggressive or has a history of aggression
Claims where your dog causes injury to other animals or pets including chasing and attacking
Property you are renting

The above highlights the main points not covered. Please refer to the policy wording for the full details of what is and isn't covered.

You will be covered up to £2 million if your dog is responsible for injuring or damaging another person or their property.

You won't be covered for the following:
Any damage to your immediate family or anyone that lives with you.
Any claims related to your work or business which includes incidents that occur as a result of your pet being in your workplace.
Claims made by or against professionals or businesses who are being paid to provide services for your dog.
Any claims where your dog has caused injury to another animal including another pet.
Any damage to rented property.
Any claims where you have not taken reasonable steps to avoid an incident occurring.

This coverage is for dogs only.

The above is only a summary, please refer to your policy wording for the full details of what is and isn't covered.

We do! Our policies cover up to £1,000 for dental treatments, per policy year as standard.

This covers treatments for accidents and illnesses, so long as your pet doesn't have any pre-existing dental conditions.

We will need your vet to confirm that your pet’s teeth and gums were healthy within the last 12 months.

If your vet recommends dental treatment, it must be carried out within 3 months.

For our full guide to cat and dog dental care, click here.

We can cover emergency treatment that your pet might need while they are on holiday outside of the UK but within a country that is a member of the EU and the Pets Travel Scheme (PETS). 

We can provide a maximum of 90 days within a policy period outside of the UK - this doesn’t have to be consecutive days. 

Please note that if you have been advised against taking your pet on holiday by a vet, they will not be covered.

We aren't able to cover any third-party liability whilst travelling outside of the UK.

A pre-existing condition is a condition that occurred before you insured your pet with us. This includes anything that occurs within your 14-day warm-up period.

We don't cover any pre-existing conditions or anything that happens as a result of a pre-existing condition.

We are unable to provide cover for the cost of spaying/neutering or castration, as this would fall within the category of routine, preventative or elective treatments. 

We also cannot cover treatment for cryptorchidism, even if recommended by the vet, nor can we provide cover for anything that happens as a result of your pet not being spayed, neutered, or castrated.