Frequently asked questions.

Renewals FAQs

You can turn this off at any time by logging into your account and heading to your pets' policy page. There you will find the auto-renewal toggle. Otherwise, you can contact us and we can turn this off for you.

Your policy will renew on the same date each year. We will send you an email 30 days before your renewal date with a quote for your new policy, the new policy details and information on how to change your Annual Limit and Claim Contribution if you would like to.

Your policy will be set to automatically renew as default, but you can opt out of this at any time.

It won’t affect your current policy, but it might impact your price upon renewal, depending on the number of conditions claimed for and the total amount claimed in the year.

Your price might increase on renewal.

As pets get older they are more likely to go the vet and our pricing needs to take this into account.

We would also change your price based on the number of conditions you have claimed for and the total amount claimed, along with any inflation in veterinary costs and sometimes pricing model updates.

Don’t worry too much though, at Waggel we use caps on increases to try and avoid any shocks.