Frequently asked questions.

Limits & Claim Contribution FAQs

You certainly can. We are one of the few providers that allow you to make changes to both your Annual Limit & Claim Contribution (Excess).

You can make changes within the first 7 days from the start date of your new policy, and then 30 days before your policy is due to renew.

You will receive an email 30 days before renewal to remind you.

Sub-Limits refer to certain treatments within your Annual Limit that have a maximum claim amount. These limits are as follows:

Complementary treatments: £1,000
Behavioural treatments: £1,000
Dental treatments: £1,000

These are here to keep your policy affordable.

Co-payment is an additional excess that you pay towards each claim. It is normally a percentage of the medical invoice and it would be in addition to your regular excess.

Most providers put in a mandatory co-payment in your pet's later years - we’ve elected to do away with any co-payments, no matter your pet's age.

Your Claim Contribution, otherwise known as Excess, is the amount that you will contribute to the treatment for each unique condition before Waggel is able to pay out.

This would be payable per condition, per policy year and it resets upon renewal along with your Annual Limit.

Your Annual Limit is the total amount that you can claim for veterinary medical bills each policy year. 

If you reach your Annual Limit, you won't be able to cover any further treatments in the policy year, but the Limit will refresh when your policy renews.