How to make a claim

At Waggel, the technical term for making a claim is called the ‘wrinkle-free claims process’. It’s a smooth process, which induces zero frowns. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so to save us writing a thousand words here is a picture of how and when to make a claim.

When can I make my first pet insurance claim with Waggel?

Short answer: 14 days after you become a member.

All Waggel policies have a 14 day warm up period. This is a chance for you to decide if Waggel is right for you and will be fully refunded if you cancel within this period. You will still have access to all your Waggel benefits during this time, but cannot make any claims. The 14 day warm up period also reduces the risk of fraud. We don’t like fraud.

The best time to make a claim is to wait until all treatment has been completed by your vet.

Hopefully you don’t need to do this, but you can make more than one claim at once. For instance, if your pet has an ongoing condition, which you are claiming for, you can still make new claims alongside this.

Please note, you only need to make one claim per vet. For instance, if you go to the same vet on a number of occasions, you can bundle all these claims up into one - saves the hassle of opening multiple claims!

You would only need to open a new claim if you went to a different vet (i.e. your normal vet and a referral specialist vet).

How long do pet insurance claims take?

We try our best to process claims within 14 days. This is dependent on how quickly your vet sends through the documents needed to assess the claim.

You can, however, track your claim in real time on your smartphone just like you can do with your food delivery. Not quite as tasty, but just as (if not more) rewarding. You can also speak to your Customer Champion whenever you need. No more waiting around with deafening silences - pet insurance re-imagined for our generation.

What can I claim for on my pet insurance?

You can claim for medical fees related to illness, accident and injuries. And, seeing as all our policies are you can claim for these again and again - hopefully you won’t have to, but worst case scenario, we gotchoo!

Here are some examples of common pet insurance claims:

  • Gastrointestinal problems (vomiting and diarrhoea)
  • Toxic ingestion (eating chocolate, raisins, plants)
  • Foreign body ingestions (eating socks, stones, your favourite hair tie)
  • Fractures
  • Infections
  • Cancer

For added smiles, we also cover dental costs, which you can learn more about on our This is a Other sub-limits include:

  • Complementary therapies: Up to £1000
  • Behavioural treatment: Up to £1000
  • Death, theft or stray: Up to £1000
  • Dental treatment: Up to £1000
  • Third party liability: Up to £2,000,000

What can’t I claim for on my pet insurance?

  • Routine treatment
  • Preventative treatment
  • Elective treatment
  • Cosmetic treatment

This includes things like vaccinations, flea and worming treatments, nail clips, grooming, neutering (castration/spay), routine dental checks/scale and polish.

You also can’t claim for the dreaded P word - pre-existing. are any illnesses, medical conditions, or injuries your pet has before taking out your insurance policy. It’s why we always say get insurance as soon as you get your pet! (NB: this is something we are working to change - watch this space!)

What happens if the claim is below the claim contribution?

If you still wish to make a claim but it is below your , we will put the claim amount towards your next claim for that condition.

For example: If your claim contribution is £100 and you have a claim for vomiting for £30. You will only need to pay a claim contribution of £70 on your next claim for vomiting.

Pet insurance language translated

At Waggel, we try and keep everything crystal clear and easy to understand, however, some words may be new to you. Here are a few of the most common.

Direct claim This means we will pay your vets directly.

Pre-authorisation This is the process to find out if your claim will be covered BEFORE you go ahead with treatment. To do this we need your pets full medical history with the estimated costs of treatment emailed to We also will need permission to discuss your policy with your vet so please contact us through your Waggel account to let us know if you require a pre-authorisation.

If you’re confused by any more insurance terms, such as co-payment or sub-limit, and want more clarity, head to our - it’s packed full of tasty definitions.