Any cat owner will understand how particular cats can be about food. Even the best kitty will have periods when they are not eating as much, or are not as enthusiastic about their favourite food. So Maybe it's time for a change.

Unfortunately, the food market has become saturated by a huge choice of dry cat foods in recent years. Large cat food manufacturers are snatching up shelf space in supermarkets and dominating the internet with their ads.

With all this choice, It can be hard to know which food to feed your beloved feline friend, so we have done the research for you!

We analysed all of the most popular dry cat foods in the United Kingdom, focused on health benefits and customer reviews, then ranked them from 1-5.

Note that all the foods we are reviewing below are suitable for adult cats. Kittens and senior cats especially will have different nutritional needs.

A Little Primer on Dry Cat Food:

Dry cat food is the most important type of food to keep within your pet's dietary requirements. The main ingredient in dry food is starches that are easily broken down by cats, which helps maintain their weight while also giving them a feeling of fullness. It also provides some type of fibre to help clean out their digestive tract while providing a less messy alternative to wet cat food.

Generally, wet foods contain more protein and fat than dry foods do, but they can be difficult for pets with sensitive stomachs or those who have trouble digesting certain types of proteins. If this is the case, you might want to opt for foods with a low moisture content.

The vitamin and protein content of any dry cat food will contribute to a myriad of health benefits. These include benefits which you might not consider such as a shiny coat, healthy skin, healthy teeth, and healthy gut flora. We've done our best to show you brands of cat food with only quality ingredients and offering a complete food for your pet.

So if you’re reading this and want to find some of the best rated dry cat food in the UK then let’s get started!

The top 5 dry cat foods in the UK

All of our top five dry cat foods available in the United Kingdom contribute to a healthy diet and active lifestyle. They are accurate and available in stock at the time of writing (Feb ‘22) so depending on when you are reading this (hello future people), they may vary in price and quality.

Be sure to check out the user reviews and updates to these products and factor in your own cat's preferences before switching their diet.

1. IAMS for Vitality Adult Fresh Chicken Dry Cat Food

There are many different brands of cat foods available, but some may not be as healthy as you think they are and most pet owners want to feed their cats the most natural ingredients and well balanced meals.

IAMS is a company with a long-standing history of quality pet care products and is one of the most respected manufacturers of pet food worldwide.

IAMS for Vitality Adult Fresh Chicken Dry Cat Food offers a combination of the finest ingredients, including 40% real chicken, to provide your cat with all its nutritional needs and high meat content.

The nourishment is vast in this fructooligosaccharides-enriched recipe. Fructooo WHAT??? you might ask??? Well this is utilised to encourage beneficial bacteria in the intestines.

A number of vitamins like taurine help strengthen the heart, and the combination of ingredients is intended to help achieve a desirable pH value in urine to help fight against urinary tract infections. As well as urinary health, this high vitamin food also helps coat health and vision health, making it great food for adult cats.

Unlike many other dry pet foods, IAMS uses high-quality protein sources in all their recipes to provide wholesome nutrition that can help maintain a healthy weight and reduce tartar buildup. In addition, IAMS is one of the few brands that has received the AAFCO seal of approval.

See on this complete cat food. Great for any lucky cat on a dry food diet.

2. Thrive Premium Plus Dry Cat Food - Chicken

It is difficult to keep your cat interested in a regular diet. Cats are true carnivores, so they need to eat foods that provide them with the appropriate meat base.

But, not all dry cat food brands are created equal. So, which ones should you be buying? Picking the wrong cat food can lead to feline obesity, nutrient deficiencies or an upset stomach.

If you are looking for more natural food with a high meat content that isn't a wet food product, you've come to the right place. Thrive PremiumPlus uses cutting-edge manufacturing and technology to make sure the protein content of thrive PremiumPlus is higher than that of comparable grain-free cat foods by over 90%. It is also a single protein cat food, containing only chicken protein.

The thrive PremiumPlus dry cat food is also supplemented with a small amount of sweet potato or potato to help bind the proteins of animal meat. All of the components are low-carb and basic in nature – they're ideal for cats that may have wheat intolerance or problems digesting grains.

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3. IAMS for Vitality Adult Ocean Fish Dry Cat Food

IAMS is coming on strong at number 3 with their quality food offering, including plenty of hearty fish, combined with 40% poultry meat. This IAMS for Vitality Adult Ocean Fish Dry Cat Food is a delicious offering for your adult cat between the ages of 1 and 6 years, with an unbeatable mealtime experience. Selected ingredients make this high-quality, dry food aromatic and provide valuable animal protein to maintain muscles, strength and digestive health.

IAMS for Vitality Adult Ocean Fish Dry Cat Food is also an excellent source of meeting your cat's nutritional requirement and essential minerals, in addition to antioxidants for a strong immune system and contains no added colours, artificial flavours, or preservatives.

Despite the included taurine's significance for maintaining heart health, the IAMS for Vitality Adult Ocean Fish Dry Cat Food is also filled with seven essential nutrients for overall health. This is in addition to protein and amino acids that play an essential role in urinary pH to maximise urinary tract health.

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4. Purina ONE Adult Chicken & Whole Grains Dry Cat Food

The Purina ONE Adult Chicken & Whole Grains with the unique Bifensis Dual Defence formula helps support your cat's natural defences. The innovative recipe is filled with healthy nutrients from chicken and also contains essential vitamins to help keep your cat healthy and happy.

This delicious flavour of Purina ONE Bifensis kibble was created by Purina's academic veterinary and nutrition specialists to support your kitty's wellbeing inside and out. A healthy digestive tract is promoted by this kibble that's scientifically proven to aid the intestinal immune system's ability to secrete antibodies.

Purina ONE Adult dry cat food also contains essential omega fatty acids and zinc that aid supple, smooth skin and contribute to soft, shiny fur. The satisfying kibble also helps to reduce the amount of tartar that builds up over time by up to 40% while a balanced combination of minerals supports a healthy urinary tract. Vitamin D and other important nutrients make sure your cat’s bones stay strong and healthy.

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5. Crave Adult Turkey & Chicken Dry Cat Food

This Crave Adult Turkey & Chicken Dry Cat Food entices your pet's natural hunting instincts, containing approximately 60% animal ingredients and offering a high protein content of approximately 40%.

Crave has excluded any non-beneficial ingredients, including grains such as wheat and maize, as well as soya and dairy products. Crave Adult Turkey & Chicken Dry Cat Food is easily digestible by pets that are nutritionally sensitive.

This dry cat food contains 12% chicken, which contributes to keeping your cat slim, in addition to providing sufficient energy to permit your feline to navigate the world in style. The food is quickly appreciated even by finicky cats and offers a healthy and delectable taste.

Oh, and it's one of the only ones we found which comes in a handy resealable pouch!

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We all know that cats can be fussy eaters but we want them to be as healthy as possible. The above top 5 dry cat foods are chosen by users based on ratings from several websites, as well as personal experience.

We chose products that contain the most beneficial ingredients, balance of nutrients, as well as containing enough protein and carbs to keep your kitty "pepped up" for the day and full of that playful cat energy.

If your cat is not eating their daily meal, please read on why this might happen. It might help you to understand any behavioural changes.

We also offer some fantastic , with coverage that includes amazing rewards for you and your pet as well as 24/7 access to an online video vet. The benefits of are peace of mind, cool rewards, and happy pets!

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