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For the cat that's the ultimate diva; frankly drinking from a water bowl just won’t cut it. The PetKit Smart Pet Drinking fountain is beautifully designed, with a clean and bright aesthetic and fits comfortably in any home. Equipped with dual modes, light sensors and provides a continuous cycle of fresh drinking water. Not convinced? The fountain also features a triple purifying system, activation carbon filter, ion-exchange resin and a noise minimising pump with a range of settings! Opt for a smart mode or night mode and help your cat increase hydration - great for pets who are prone to urinary and kidney infections.

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At work all day and worried about your feline friend at home? Petcube has the answers, this 720HD camera with a 138-degree wide-angle view was made for cats in mind. Special features also include night vision, 3 x digital zoom and two-way audio. The best feature of PetCube Play is the ability to tap into the pet safe laser, controlled from your phone (or set to autoplay) - a great way to get your cat up and moving, exercising and stimulated. Have a little fun too with the ability to take photos and record videos of your cat!

Electriq Pet Feeder

Control your cat's meal times from anywhere using your phone. A great tip for those felines in need of a diet, manage and control your pet's portions and help control their eating habits too! Incorporated with a speaker to help call your pet and remind them of feeding times and regulate their schedule while you are out. If that doesn’t cut it, also tap into the built-in camera to keep an eye on your cat's eating.


This is for one with multiple cats or pets in the home! Is one of your sneaky felines getting more at mealtimes? This is the perfect feeder for pets on a weight management diet. Unlike the Electriq Pet Feeder, it can be used for both wet and dry food types. The sealed feeder also keeps the food fresher and prevents flies or other insects from wheedling their way in! Buy multiple and separate your pets diets especially for those with prescription food or special dietary requirements.

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Now the real crunch time, most cat owners hate touching and emptying the litter tray. Open and exposed litter trays can sometimes cause cats high levels of stress and increase the risk of urinary disease. No more coming home to a dirty litter tray, LavvieBott is automatic, auto-clean and also auto-refill. Best of all, it only needs to be cleaned every 2-3 weeks and comes with an app so you can easily reorder cat litter. Win!