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Ross Fretten | 11 days ago
Pride, Unity & Our Dogs
Waggel co-founder, Ross, shares his personal journey of mental health, LGBT, and how his dog helped changed his life.
Do puppies ever stop chewing??
Three top tips from a dog behaviour specialist to help with your puppy’s chewing.
Waggel's Insurance Dictionary
Insurance without the confusion. All the terms, words and definitions you need to know, explained simply and clearly.
Waggel launches free behaviour consultations
We've partnered with a behaviour specialist to offer members a free 20 minute consultation
Separation anxiety: What it is, how to spot it and how to combat it
Have a read of how you can help your pet deal with potential separation anxiety and adapt to life after lockdown.
Help Keep Your Cat Stimulated Through Lockdown
We talk with the Founder of Cheshire & Wain and ask her top tips regarding keeping her cats stimulated indoors
Supporting vulnerable pet owners affected by Covid-19
Waggel are delighted to announce they will be supporting UK charity Underdog to match vulnerable pet owners to volunteers during Covid-19
Waggel’s in-house vet gives her top tips for visiting your vet during quarantine
We sat down (virtually) with Aimee to help answer some questions and provide reassurance during this strange time of social distancing and self-isolation.
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
To help with those burning questions we have compiled a list of the most common questions we are asked at Waggel.
Free Vet Video Calls for Waggel Members
Waggel has teamed up with FirstVet to give our customers access to 24/7 vet help.
Have you heard of Hoop n Loop?
We’ve fallen in love with embroidered works of Carol and wanted to learn more...
Introducing… Tatty Head
Meet our latest reward partner and get some training tips from CEO, Felicity Cooper
Staying cool with doggo
Our guide to keeping pooch cool this summer, including breed-specific dangers.
Poop is a big health tell-tale
Believe it or not, your dog's poop can tell you a lot about their health and diet!
Top Tech for Savvy Cat Owners
Why should cats miss out on new tech? Here are our 5 favourite feline finds!
What are the laws when driving with dogs?
Do you know the laws and rules when driving with your pup? Face fines and penalty points if you don't know!
Why dog harnesses are great and what to use
Harnesses could be the key to keeping your pup in line and in style! Find out why...
How to prep for a new puppy
New puppy? Read our top tips to get done before your new four legged best friend arrives home!
The Ins & Outs of Pet Insurance
Learn the hard parts, the jargon and what you really need to look out for
Vaccinations and your puppy
Do you know what vaccinations your pup needs and why?