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Louis Crust | 3 days ago
ticks on dogs are a common occurrence throughout the world and are generally nothing to worry about. We help to identify and provide tips on removal of ticks on dogs in this article.
Petplan have been around for many a moon and so it felt right that we took a look at how the new kids on the block (Waggel) fare against the oldies (Petplan). There are stats and figures and comparisons and lots of cute pet pics. Ticking all boxes. Enjoy.
We've all heard of worms in dogs, but what actually are they, what can you do to help or prevent them, and should you be worried? We answer all of those questions in this blog.
Cockapoo colours come in all shades, with several appearing identical on initial glance. Our cockapoo colour guide shows you images and detailed descriptions of each colour to help you choose the colourful cockapoo for you.
Cat insurance can be confusing, with many types of cover and pricing, which never seem to make sense. That's why Waggel was born. To create an insurance platform for pet owners, run by pet owners. So, you've come to the right place when researching cat insurance for your pet.