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Hypoallergenic Cat Food - Your Questions Answered

Written by Steph McCulloch


Hypoallergenic cat food has seen some serious hype in recent years. After all, why wouldn’t you wanna protect your kitty from nasty allergies?
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Hypoallergenic cat food has seen some serious hype in recent years. After all, why wouldn’t you wanna protect your kitty from nasty allergies? With so many options on the market, it seems that most owners are spoilt for choice when it comes to soothing the sensitive tums of cats.

Although you might be familiar with the term hypoallergenic cat food, what does it really mean? And how do you know if your cat is allergic to certain ingredients or if they have an intolerance?

Fear not, as we’re here to discuss the ins and outs of hypoallergenic cat food and how you can help your kitty feel like their best feline selves.

What is hypoallergenic cat food?

A cat being petted whilst eating

So you’ve heard of hypoallergenic cat food but what’s in it? And is it sure to make your cat feel better?

Hypoallergenic cat food sounds super fancy but it really just refers to any kind of cat food that is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. This can be achieved in many ways and means keeping things simple instead of adding a bunch of triggering ingredients that are sure to cause upset.

Hypoallergenic food for cats is usually free from common allergens. After all, these pesky allergens don’t just give your cat a sore tummy but can cause a wide range of nuisance issues such as skin conditions and itchiness.

Although cats need lots of protein in their diet, too much of the stuff can cause cats to be very poorly. So, it’s not just a case of changing your fussy feline’s food but doing what’s best for them and their wellbeing.

How can you tell if your cat is allergic to their food?

Spotting an allergy can be tricky, especially if your cat is usually fussy with their food - come on, who would want to eat the same meal every day? But, identifying an allergy or food intolerance quickly and correctly can help your cat get back on track to living a healthy, happy life.

The main symptoms of a food allergy in cats are:

  • Itchy skin alllllll the time that doesn’t seem to resolve itself

  • Over-grooming and licking a lot

  • Hair loss on the tummy due to over-grooming

  • A skin rash 

  • Vomiting 

  • Diarrhoea 

Lots of cats develop allergies to certain foods over a period of time. Allergies develop when the immune system mistakenly overreacts to a ‘dangerous’ food, even though it’s not harmful.

This presents a whole host of unpleasant symptoms in your cat and can flare up every time your cat eats the funny food. Allergies in kitty cats tend to develop by the time they’re around four or five years old.

Are other foods hypoallergenic for cats?

Okay, we get it - there are certain hypoallergenic foods cats can eat that are readily available in the supermarket. However, what about foods that you already have in your cupboard?

Is rice hypoallergenic for cats?

different types of rice

Sadly, cats can have allergic reactions to rice too. Lots of cat foods contain rice which, for those with allergies, can cause spots, itchiness, rashes, and even ear infections! Not nice at all.

Rice can also cause lots of gastrointestinal problems for cats giving them stomach cramps and diarrhoea.

An allergy to rice is usually ruled out by a trip to the vet where your veterinarian will conduct an elimination diet test and ask you to remove some suspicious foods from your cat's diet and then add them back in slowly until the reaction occurs again.

At this point, you’ve caught your culprit!

Whether the rice is whole, wild, white, or brown cats can still be allergic. Rice isn’t a dietary requirement for cats and doesn’t offer necessary nutrition so it’s just best to avoid it when looking for hypoallergenic diets.

Is tuna hypoallergenic for cats?

A bowl of tuna

It seems a safe bet to assume tuna is hypoallergenic because cats love tuna, right? Wrong! Cats can also be allergic to fish so much so that it is actually one of the top food allergens.

Tuna is also high in mercury, a toxic metal, and can lead to poisoning if your cat consumes too much. Though you may give your cat tuna as a treat, canned fish can lead to health issues as it is not a balanced, nutritional food.

If your cat does like tuna, find a cat food that uses tuna in a nutritional way instead of from a can - it’ll also be tastier for your cat meaning you're sure to stay in their good books.

Hypoallergenic cat food UK

So, you’re all up to date with the perks of hypoallergenic cat food but what one should you opt for? With so many to choose from, where do you even begin?

Problem solved - we’ve done the hard work for you and have gathered our top choices for both hypoallergenic wet cat food and dry cat food so your cat doesn’t have to eat the boring stuff just because it’s allergy-friendly, hooray!

Hypoallergenic dry cat food

Purina pro plan hypoallergenic promo image

This dry food offers dietary support for all kitties with allergies or intolerances. It’s also designed to boost appetite in those who are fussy and with added hydrolysed protein, your cat is far more likely to fight off any unwanted reaction.

Concept for life hypoallgenic insect food promo image

We know - this food contains insects but bare with us. Insects are a great source of protein for our feline friends as well as being super tasty. This premium food helps cats who suffer from sensitivities and is made from top-quality raw ingredients offering digestible deliciousness.

James Wellbeloved promo image

This hypoallergenic kibble is suitable for adult cats who may be prone to weight gain or who are currently overweight. By containing only one animal protein, there’s a very minimal chance of reaction. This food also contains no soya or wheat making it tasty and healthy!

Hypoallergenic wet cat food

Concept for life wet tinned food promo image

Hypoallergenic food comes in both wet and dry versions to please the palate of any fussy foodie. The Concept for Life dietetic wet food can help to minimise any sensitivities, skin conditions, and hair loss. It also comes in salmon flavour meaning your cat is sure to eat up every last mouthful!

Kattovit sensitive promo image two cans

Another popular hypoallergenic wet food is the Kattovit Sensitive single-source protein. It comes in two flavours; chicken and turkey, to help even the fussiest of fur babies. With no carbohydrates in grain form, you can rest easy knowing your cat won’t be facing a sore tum any time soon.


Hypoallergenic food for cats could be the best choice if your cat is facing allergies, sensitivities, or intolerances to their normal food. 

We recommend visiting your local veterinarian to diagnose any allergies. From here, they’ll advise you to begin an elimination diet test so that they can be certain of the exact ingredients your cat is allergic to.

Just because your cat might have to change their diet due to food sensitivities, doesn’t mean you have to spend a small fortune on boring food. Hypoallergenic cat food is easily accessible and available in both wet and dry forms.

Your cat doesn’t have to wave their paw goodbye to tasty food as hypoallergenic food is available in all of their favourite flavours too. So by choosing hypoallergenic food for cats, you can finally rid your cat of any upset tums, itchiness, and rashes whilst still allowing them to enjoy their favourite fishy dish. What a relief!

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