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Cat Insurance: What You Need to Know

Written by Ryan Gliozzo


Our fur babies are no less than family members. Their adorable beady eyes, soft cuddly nature, and lovable licks fill even the most dismal of days with happiness. If all of our family members have some sort of insurance, then why not our feline friends?
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Cat insurance: what you need to know

Taking care of pets may be filled with fun, but it is certainly not easy or cheap. The cost of food, health supplements, toys, accessories, routine grooming, and vaccination sessions already puts pressure on our finances.

Well, your feline friend may seem fit and agile throughout the day, but a time may come when you will have to visit the vet regardless of how much the fluffball protests.

Sudden medical emergencies, an illness, or an unexpected injury can be very expensive if you do not have pet insurance to keep you covered.

If you are still confused about getting pet insurance for cats, here are some reasons that will definitely change your mind.

Benefits of cat insurance

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You do not have to dip into savings

Unforeseen events may happen at any time! An unexpected health condition with your cat can force you to break into your savings.

With cat insurance in the UK, you can be assured that most types of accidents, injuries, or sudden illness will be covered by the right policy.

It covers most types of cats

It is true that premium costs may vary according to your cat’s breed, policy type, and age, but, Pet insurance providers in the UK have cover options for most kinds of breeds.

Getting your pet insured with a comprehensive policy as soon as you bring them home will give you the advantage of lower premiums and coverage for issues which may be considered pre-existing down the line.

Note: Waggel excludes the following cat breeds: Asian Leopard cats, Chausies, and Keetsos.

It gives you peace of mind

Most pet parents are very careful regarding every need and requirement of their pets. From scrutinising every ingredient on the cat food to choosing the right vet, pet owners are always anxious about the health and well-being of their furry friends.

Getting insurance for your cat will allow you to be free from worries about sudden health emergencies.

It allows you to choose your preferred vets

The medical bill and history from your vets is all you need to provide to your pet insurance company to reimburse your cost. Most policies mean you can choose any healthcare provider for the vet treatment of your cat without any hesitation.

Cat insurance for older cats

Even though insurance standards vary for different companies, several policymakers agree that a cat can be called ‘senior’ if they are of 6-8 years old and above.

You may be in a dilemma about getting pet insurance for your fun-loving and active little kitten, as they slowly age into a senior cat. However, getting your older pet insured can save you a lot of medical expenses in the years to come.

A good idea is to check the health conditions of your specific breed. Some breeds are prone to diseases which could increase the cost of cat insurance, or leave you will a bill in the thousands of pounds.

Also, if you decide to insure your cat at an older age, you may not be covered for a Pre-Existing medical condition, which is a condition that happens before the start of your policy.

Why is pet insurance costlier for older cats?

Pet insurance for older cats requires you to pay a higher amount of money for premiums. This is because, as your cat gets older, they are more likely to suffer̥ from health issues.

The cost of the premium increases with the age of your cat. It also increases if your cat belongs to a breed that is much more susceptible to inherited or genetic diseases.

However, this depends on the insurance company and the insurance policy that you are choosing. Some companies also have an upper age limit, or may not have the level of cover you need.

How much is cat insurance?

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There are many types of cat insurance, but the average cat insurance cost in the UK is around £12.50 a month, making it around £150 per year.

The price or quote could be a lot more or less than the average amount depending on your pet's breed, age and where you live, along with the type of policy.

You may want to opt for Lifetime cat insurance. Lifetime Pet Insurance is the most comprehensive type of pet insurance and accounts for around 60% - 70% of all pet insurance policies.

A Lifetime policy means that the limit you select to cover vet bills in a year will replenish every year. In that regard, so as long as you keep your policy active, your pet will be covered for life, hence why most pet owners choose it.

Most Lifetime policies will cover the majority of issues you will face during the life of your pet, but it is always advised that you check exactly what is covered and not covered in your policy.

You should look to compare cat insurance to get yourself the best deal and save you some unnecessary expenditures. It is completely normal to be on the lookout for cheap cat insurance, just make sure you check what is and isn't covered when you find a price that seems to good to be true.

Comparing quotes from different companies allows you better insight into their policies and helps you choose the one that best fits your cat’s health conditions and breed.

Waggel cat insurance

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Why Waggel? What makes us different from the rest is that we are all about being human. This means simplifying and personalising puppy insurance.

We only offer Lifetime policies that are designed to cover everything pet owners expect. Our policies are adjustable by Annual Limit and Claim Contribution (Excess), allowing you to make the necessary changes to get a policy to suit your coverage and budget needs.

Our policies are extremely comprehensive covering you with everything from dental treatments, consultation fees, diagnostics, procedures, surgery and medication.

Every Waggel member is assigned a Customer Champion. All our Champions are qualified UK-based vet nurses and will be on hand to help you with any service issues or questions about your claims.

All members have access to our Membership Platform, where we provide free online vet video calls, free online behaviour & nutrition video consultations, and a number of

If you are sceptical about getting insurance for your pet, visit our website here. You will be certainly convinced of how easy the process can be! No more worrying about excessive policy charges that are out of your budget.

We help you get your cat insurance quote in less than 30 seconds.


Overall, getting insurance for your cat is quite an easy process. The pricing is affordable for most budgets, and the coverage levels vary between insurers.

Waggel’s Lifetime pet insurance policies allow you to have a yearly limit to draw down from as you claim for your pet. Keep your cat covered, and peace of mind intact with Waggel cat insurance.

Waggel Pet Insurance

Need more help? You're in luck if you're a Waggel Pet Insurance member. Along with our excellent coverage, we offer access to a 24/7 online vet to answer all your sticky questions, especially if you need grooming assistance.

Not a member? Why not get a quote now and cover your furry friend for a range of illnesses, all while enjoying our amazing perks and rewards.

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