Making the right choice: Waggel vs ManyPets.

Wondering who the best pet insurance provider is for you? Don’t worry, we did the research so you don’t have to. See how Waggel compares.

Data correct as of June 2024

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Waggel provides more security than other providers, including ManyPets.

If you’re considering purchasing pet insurance, you might be weighing up your options between Waggel and ManyPets. Here, we’ve done the work to compare the features of both brands to give you the confidence that your pet will be covered when they need it most.

We’ll review things like coverage and excess, the flexibility to change your policy as your pet ages without additional claim costs and extra benefits for you and your pet like free behavioural and nutrition consultations, access to 24/7 vet video consultations and exclusive member rewards.

At Waggel, we provide the best possible insurance for your pet.

Compare Waggel and ManyPets.



Price comparison*



Coverage limits up to £15,000


Excess options as low as £0


No co-payment (co-insurance) for older pets

Coverage & excess adjustments

Claims handled by UK-based veterinary nurses

Free video behavioural and nutrition consultations

Free 24/7 vet video consultations

Dental cover for accidents and illnesses on all cover limit levels

Cover for behavioural treatments

Cover for complementary treatments

Dedicated member rewards platform

✅ Included⠀⠀❌ Not Included

Data correct as of June 2024

*Prices are based on a one-year-old, female medium mixed breed living in London.
Waggel: £6,000 coverage, £100 excess
ManyPets: £7,000 coverage, £99 excess

What makes Waggel different.

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Waggel lets you adjust your coverage and excess.

With Waggel, you can customise your flexible policy by choosing from seven coverage options (£1,000 to £15,000) and six excess options (£0 to £500). We’re one of the only providers that let you adjust all your coverage and excess limits at renewal.

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ManyPets locks you into one coverage and excess.

ManyPets’ options are limited to just three Lifetime coverage options (£3,000 to £15,000) and four excess options (£69 to £160). There is no guarantee that you can adjust coverage or excess at renewal with ManyPets.

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With Waggel, there are no co-payments for your pet as they age.

At Waggel, we want to support your pet throughout their lifetime. We don't require co-payments at any age - allowing you to keep control over your pet's healthcare expenses.

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With ManyPets, you’ll pay an additional 20% co-payment as your pet ages.

ManyPets require you to pay an additional 20% of each claim once your pet reaches the age of 9 - this is a common practice for pet insurance brands.

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Waggel covers dental for accidents and illnesses on all coverage levels.

At Waggel, we ensure your pet’s dental health is protected. Our policies cover dental claims for both accidents and illnesses across all coverage levels, providing comprehensive care for your pet’s teeth and gums.

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With ManyPets, dental coverage is limited to accidents only.

ManyPets restrict dental coverage, only providing it for accidents. Illness-related dental claims are only covered on £15,000 policies, limiting the protection for your pet’s dental health on other plans.

All of our claims are assessed by UK-based vet nurses, ManyPets' aren’t.

A personal Customer Champion.

At Waggel, we’ll set you up with a dedicated Customer Champion with hands-on experience of the claims process, ensuring you have access to knowledge and expertise throughout your time with us. This is not the case for ManyPets.

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Waggel offers exclusive member benefits.

Free vet video calls with Joii.

We've partnered with Joii to bring Waggel members exclusive access to 24/7 online vet care. Schedule immediate consultations and connect with a qualified UK-based vet through one easy-to-use app.

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Free behaviourist & nutritionist video calls.

Waggel members get access to free behaviour and nutrition consultations with Heal The Dog to solve any dog-related issues. With over 10 years of experience, whatever the problem, they can help.

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Your bespoke reward partners.

Butternut Box

Butternut Box.

Fresh, home-cooked dog food, perfectly portioned and delivered to your door.

Biscuit Pet Care

Biscuit Pet Care.

A free-to-use pet rewards app that treats you for walking and taking care of your dog.



Free & unique home stays around the world, in exchange for caring for adorable pets.

Protect My Pet

Protect My Pet.

Tailored flea, tick and worm protection your pet needs, delivered monthly to your door. All sizes & breeds.

Pet Database

Pet Database.

Pet Database the only free database containing the details of microchipped pets with a UK-wide lost pet service.

Waggel goes further than ManyPets.

Waggel was created to make pet insurance simpler and more human. In our opinion, traditional pet insurance had become overly complicated, leaving many pet owners regretting their policy choices. We believe it's our responsibility to ensure you have the right policy and support every step of the pet ownership journey, even when you’re not claiming.

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