Junior started after getting an “incredibly boisterous” puppy ten years ago, who was so naughty it drove him insane. After feeling so overwhelmed with what to do, he reached out to trainers and behaviour ‘specialists’, looking for advice. Much to his despair, most, if not all of what he was told was unhelpful and incorrect - Junior states that “wrong advice can be counterproductive”.

After going down multiple dead-end and borderline-detrimental roads, Junior decided to study dog behaviour himself. He quickly learned a few pearls of wisdom that began to improve the behaviour in his own dog. When his dog became seriously ill, he realised the importance of diet and health. Since then, he has spent 10 years learning, studying and immersing himself in dog behaviour, nutrition and holistic health. He has advised clients worldwide and on occasion even British Royalty!

For us pet parents, it is our job to guide and instil tools, enabling dogs to live comfortably and happier, in a world of ideals and expectations which often oppose their natural instincts.

- Junior Hudson

Dogs need to be respected and it needs to be appreciated that owning a dog is a relationship, which, like any relationship, is built on understanding. It is not about what we expect purely from our dog, but rather what we expect from each other. Junior is there to help, guide, support and offer firsthand experience and knowledge to assist with dog behaviour, so your relationship with your pup can be as happy and as enjoyable as possible.

Here is how you can speak to Junior for FREE...

As part of your Waggel membership, members can now book a free (yes £0) 20 minute consultation with Junior. To book yours, to the member platform, click the free behaviour consultation card, then simply select a date and time that works for you.