How to Spot Good Pet Insurance?

A good pet insurance plan will cover all sorts of procedures and treatments that your pet might need and, very importantly, do this for life.

Expensive treatments for complex illnesses might require multiple procedures, which can end up being super expensive. Even simple check-ups and illnesses don’t tend to be cheap.

It’s important to know, not all pet plans provide cover for all types of contingencies. A base pet insurance policy might seem cheap, but be wary as it might not provide enough cover and could require you to buy multiple add-ons separately. Sneaky.

This is why it’s crucial to know about your pet insurance plan inside out, so you know what you’re getting with no hidden nasties (we hate hidden nasties).

Petplan and Waggel

Peptplan are among the largest pet insurers in the UK, so it makes sense to see how Waggel stacks up against the competition.

Pet insurance isn’t the most glamorous of subjects, and we obviously think we are the best company out there (we are perhaps maybe just a little biased...).

With this in mind, we decided to compare a standard type of pet. This being an average, run-of-the-mill very very good dog. We’ll show you a comparison of the different quotes and features, and probably some cute pet pictures along the way too. Like we said, not the most glamorous of subjects, but the pets will keep you smiling. They always do.

Note that we also compare multiple quotes between two high volume postcodes in the UK.

So, our comparison is for:

A male, medium mixed mongrel dog at 4 years old. The other quote is for a puppy at 2 months old.

(All data accurate as of April, 2021)

Male, Medium Sized Mixed Mongrel Dog. 4 Years Old, Based in Bristol, & London.(SW19 7PT) (BS6 7LP)

LocationWaggel PricePetplan Price
Bristol£24.91 /mo£26.94 /mo
London£34.29 /mo£37.12 /mo

...and for the puppers...

Male, Medium Sized Mixed Mongrel Dog. 2 Months Old, Based in Bristol, & London.(SW19 7PT) (BS6 7LP)

LocationWaggel PricePetplan Price
Bristol£19.48 /mo£20.62 /mo
London£34.29 /mo£37.12 /mo

As you can see for yourself, Waggel's average pricing is slightly cheaper for this specific pet.

Want an exact custom quote for your dog or cat? Hit , and you can see what it would cost you per month to insure with Waggel.

A Further Comparison of Features:

Pricing comparison, tick. Now let’s look at some different features.

Like a whippet in a park, we always like to go the extra mile. We’re the only insurer to provide customers with free dog behaviour and nutrition consultations, and we’re constantly negotiating the crème de la crème of rewards and perks for you and your pet. More on that below, but let's first compare the main features between us and Petplan.

Waggel vs Petplan Features:

Coverage LimitUp to £10kUp to £12k
Insures Older Pets
Dental Cover
Lost/Stolen Pet
Third Party Liability
Cancer Cover
Vet Video Calls
Dog Behaviour Consultations


  • How much does pet insurance cost?

This is kind of a ‘how long is a piece of string Q’. Most pet insurance companies have a wide variety of pet insurance plans available and their prices depend on their coverage, as well as a number of other variables.

A mid range, to more expensive plan one is advisable as it usually provides the most extensive coverage. Either way, it’s important to know what exactly is getting covered under your insurance plan because you might have to buy add-ons depending on the type of insurance. Add-ons are usually priced separately.

At Waggel we only offer one policy, which is tailored to your pet - and everything is transparently mapped out so you know exactly what you’re getting and why.

  • What makes Waggel different?

A question we’ve been asked more times than the average dog has been asked ‘who’s a good dog?’. And, seeing as we are a pet insurance start-up all about being transparent and honest, we decided to write dedicated to answering and clearing up exactly what we mean by ‘pet insurance sucks, so we changed it’

  • Does Waggel cover pre-existing conditions?

At the moment, we do not cover for any pre-existing conditions. But we recognise this is an issue and it is something we are working to change. You can about pre-existing conditions, what they are, and why we currently don’t cover them.

  • Does pet insurance cover dental?

Not always. Both Waggel and Petplan do cover dental as standard though. PLEASE NOTE: We both require your pet to have a dental check every 12 months to be covered. You can

  • Is pet insurance worth it?

Yes. 100%. And we’re not just saying that because we want more customers. As pet owners, we care deeply about pets. So much so that we would say we’d rather you get insured by one of our competitors, like Petplan, than to not be insured at all (obv we’d prefer you to be insured with us...but you get what we mean - look after your pet!).

Like we said earlier, at Waggel we go the extra mile and like to give our customers value even when they aren’t claiming. That’s why we provide an ever evolving and perks for our customers - one of the only pet insurers to do so.


There’s no denying it’s concerning when our pets fall ill or are injured, and we always would want to get the best treatment for them possible. However, vet bills can easily rack up, even if the treatments are relatively simple.

It’s costlier when the illnesses are more complex or chronic, like cancer and diabetes.

No matter the circumstance, a good can help you get the proper treatment without you having to worry.

Both Waggel and Petplan offer , and are similarly priced - and cover dental. We do however stand taller with our dog behaviour and nutrition consultations and ever-evolving rewards platform. Therefore, we’d (in an only v slightly biased way) say we win this battle, but it’s up to you to make your mind up.

WE won’t say anymore about who is best.

ARE there any other questions?

THE best thing to do is check thoroughly before taking out a policy.

BEST of luck on your search.

You can get a quick We would say boil the kettle and check it out, but by the time your kettle has boiled you’d have got your quote already...unless you have one of those instant boil taps, then maybe you’d be able to make a tea in time...maybe.