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Cat Bowls - Our Top 5 Bowls for the Best Cats

Written by Steph McCulloch


If you’re a new cat owner you might feel a bit confused and unsure about what’s best for your kitty, especially when it comes to feeding products like cat bowls.
A cat eating from a bowl


Even if you’re an experienced cat owner you still might be surprised to know that there are many unique options on the market for cat food bowls.

Whilst you’re probably thinking ‘how important are cat food bowls anyway?’ - trust us, they are. Choosing the right cat bowl for your kitty can make all the difference to your cat’s overall health and well-being. 

But fear not as we’re here to uncover our top 5 cat bowls just in time for Christmas.

Our top 5 uniquely useful cat bowls

trixie water or food dispenser

Trixie Water or Food Dispenser

The Trixie Water or Food Dispenser is a dual-purpose plastic bowl ideal for cats and other small pets. It’s made from transparent plastic and has non-slip feet to eliminate the risk of any mess. It’s also dishwasher safe so once your cat has finished eating, simply pop it in - there’s no need to hand wash.

Why not buy two for a matching food and water bowl station? The Trixie Water or Food Dispenser is easy to use just - depending on which opening is turned to the front, you can allow your pet to eat and drink as much as they like for as long as they like until the dispenser requires refilling.

2. NORTHMATE Catch Cat Feeder

NORTHMATE Catch Cat Feeder

Northmate Catch Cat Feeder

The Northmate Catch Cat Feeder is an innovative slow-feeder cat bowl that can help even the most enthusiastic foodies to slow down and make the most of their mealtime. 

Slow-feeding cat bowls also double up as a stimulating game that challenges your cat and makes meals last longer ultimately promoting healthy digestion.

3. Slip-Proof Cat Bowl with Imprint

3. Slip-Proof Cat Bowl with Imprint

Slip Proof Cat Bowl With Imprint

This slip-proof cat bowl with imprint is made from stainless steel meaning it’s super durable and easy to clean. It’s also slip-proof meaning your eager cat won’t have to push it around the room to get every last bite. 

This bowl is dishwasher safe and is designed with a cute cat print around the edge of the bowl. What more could you ask for in a cat food bowl?

4. Simon's Cat Bowl

Simons cat bowl

Simons Cat feeding Bowl

This fun cat-feeding bowl features an iconic Simon’s Cat motif with a removable stainless steel bowl inside. This means the mental insert can be taken out and cleaned without damaging the plastic melamine casing.

This stylish bowl also features an anti-slip border and is non-porous and scratch-resistant making it a perfect fit for any cat owner (especially the Simon’s Cat fans).

5. Little Fish Plastic Cat Bowls

printed fish bowls

The Little Fish Plastic Cat Bowls come in a set of two making a perfect matching food and water station for any home. With their extra-wide, flat design, these bowls are a great addition for any size cat reducing the risk of whisker fatigue and making mealtimes lots of fun.

Due to the shallow design of these two bowls, they’re also perfect for short-nosed and flatter-faced cats that may find it difficult to eat or drink out of a traditional-style cat water bowl or food bowl.


When it comes to welcoming a new kitty into your family, it can be overwhelming knowing what to buy and what to avoid. At Waggel, we want to make things easier for you so you can make informed decisions and enjoy the best relationship possible with your cat.

Although it may seem a bit trivial, ensuring your cat has the right food bowl is actually very important and can help keep them healthy and happy. Having a bowl that is too deep or difficult for them to eat from can cause whisker fatigue and unwanted stress. And who wants that at mealtimes?

Investing it in the perfect cat bowl will not only allow them to enjoy their meal more but also help them to avoid neck strain and bad posture. Purchasing a tilted bowl will be recommended if your cat suffers from digestive issues and a wider bowl is great for flat-faced cats like Persians!

So to eliminate that stress we hope you take our advice and find the best bowl for your cat - turning mealtimes into fun times. Hopefully, the unique range of cat bowls above makes your decision much easier. Happy shopping.

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