waggel rebrand story

The Story of Waggel's Rebrand

Written by Ross Fretten


Over the last few months, we’ve done a big deep dive into the depths of Waggel: what we mean to our customers and how we can make an even bigger difference to their lives. Since then our values and what we stand for have evolved, and to reflect this we have updated our design, including our logo.

What we’ve learnt from our customers

We’re a pet insurance company, sure. And although we’ll stop at nothing to give our customers’ (and our) pets the best we can, we appreciate it’s not just pets who need our help.

It is also you, the pet owners, who need support; financially but also emotionally.

We know that many of our customers are getting a pet for the first time and they are doing this alone (who needs to have a husband and baby when you can have a pet?).

But, alone doesn’t mean alone when Waggel’s in the picture.

Getting a pet, especially for the first time, is an incredibly exciting time but often the reality of the responsibility hits hard when you take your adorable floof ball home and it isn’t all roses, it’s actually lots of poop and stress.

There are many stresses and fears that accompany pet ownership including questioning whether you are doing the right thing, whether you’ve made the right choice and whether it will ever get easier.

We want to be there to support you throughout this period, not just when you need to make a claim.

How are we supporting our customers?

We know the power the unconditional love a pet can bring and we want to help unlock it, maximise it and empower you to live life with your pet stress-free.

Pet insurance should not add to your stress, but rather it should alleviate it. We want to take all stress from you. We can’t stress that enough. Pun intended.

Starting with our sign up process.

Many companies have a number of different products to choose from, this can cause confusion about which is the best for you.

We have removed this option and instead only offer Lifetime policies. This means we can support you and your pet throughout your pet's life.

We have made the process from signing up to making a claim incredibly simple to do and easy to understand. So simple and easy, your pet could do it themselves.

We have built a community platform for pet lovers so you can ask questions, share experiences and show off your cute pet to other Waggel members. Not a member yet? Join here.

We are constantly evolving our member platform to provide helpful articles to give you the confidence in pet ownership.

We update and partner with more and more fun brands, who we think (/know) are awesome, to help you get maximum enjoyment with your pet.

So how is this reflected in our design?

We’re in the insurance industry, that’s true. But, we don’t like to say that out loud as it sometimes puts us to sleep.

We are the insurance outsiders, who, at the end of it all, are a team of pet lovers, who love our pets more than anything else in the world, so we know how you feel and we want you to join our pack.

We want you to have fun with your pets and we want you both to have fun with our brand.

We are not boring, stuffy or traditional insurance, we are rebelling against insurance and its bad rep.

Shirt and tie is illegal in the office and so is frowning. We are offering a fresh perspective on insurance, to show you it’s okay to struggle with the initial responsibilities of pet ownership.

We are seeking a better world for pet owners, where you feel supported and confident throughout your pet's life.

We’ve got your back, and we’ve got your pet’s back, front, legs, head, eyes, insides and smiles!

Our redesign is accurately reflecting our drive forward. It is a visual representation and our commitment as a company to be bold, take a step forward and stand out.

Our photography is focused around real customers with their pets and are proudly showcasing our community on our homepage.

waggel logo image

Why change the Waggel logo?

While we have evolved the existing logo design, we haven’t changed the fundamental concept.

The W is still a pet, but less literal and cutesy than the previous iteration. The new logo is cleaner and more mature, whilst retaining the spirit of fun and play that is at the heart of owning a pet.

Anything else we want to say?

Just one final big thank you. Thanks for reading, thanks for joining us on our journey and thanks for all the cute, funny and (tbh) sometimes weird pics of your pets you share with us!

P.s. we love you.

Waggel Pet Insurance

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