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Waggel Launches Free Nutrition Consultations

Written by Ryan Gliozzo


'You are what you eat is as true for pets as it is for us.' - Junior Hudson
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We understand the importance of good nutrition. We also understand that when it comes to our pets, especially for new pet owners, knowing what to and what not to feed them can be daunting. With so many dietary options on the market and (just like with human diets) conflicting advice and opinions, it can be difficult to know what is best for your dogs. This is why we’re now working with Junior Hudson, of Heal the Dog , to give members free nutrition consultations.

junior Hudson

If you’re thinking his name sounds familiar it’s because he’s been working with us since last summer, giving members free behaviour consultations - the other half of his business.

Junior started his business with a behaviour focus after getting an “incredibly boisterous” puppy. However, he soon realised the importance and power of nutrition after his own dog was extremely ill and close to death due to an autoimmune disease in 2015. 

A change in diet coupled with a holistic health protocol was a large part of the reason his dog is still alive and in full health. This led to the addition of nutrition to Heal the Dog.

Nutrition is something Junior has advised many pet parents on throughout the world - including British royalty - and has formulated for pet food companies too.

Whether it’s general health and longevity or managing specific ailments, Junior can offer you support, advice, and guidance. 

We wanted all members to be able to make the most of this, so, like the behaviour consultations, it is completely free and all members can book in to a 20 minute nutrition consultation whenever they like.

“I am very happy to be helping Waggel further their proactive approach, providing members with unrivalled support to pet wellness. ”

- Junior Hudson

To book yours, simply log in to the member platform , click the Heal the Dog consultation card, then simply select 'Nutrition Consultation' and choose a date and time that works for you.

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