Introduction to Cockapoos:

Cockapoos are a , and tons of new pet parents are falling for these 'little floofs' every day. Cockpaoos are obtained as a result of crossing between a cocker spaniel and a poodle. They are also known as cockapoodle or cockerpoo depending on where you live, but all cockapoos tend to be friendly, amiable, and sociable.

Apart from their heart-melting cuteness, cockapoos have also inherited the sweetness of a poodle and the intelligence and trainability of a cocker spaniel. also come in a variety of shades. From different shades of brown to black, white, red, even an apricot cockapoo. None of them will fail to impress you with their cute appearance and enthusiastic nature!

Cockapoo Dog Names: The long, somewhat painful process of naming your pup.

Deciding to add a pup as a new member of your family can be quite overwhelming. There is a lot to do! From buying their toys, to figuring out their diet, you will be happily occupied in many many tasks as new puppy owners. However, you need to pick out a name for your little furry friend before you dive into all that.

Naming your cute cockapoo is certainly a thrilling and exciting experience. Even before dog parents actually buy their pet, they surf the entire internet in hopes of finding the perfect name for their adorable munchkins. With a sea of options available out there, choosing a cockapoo name is hard.

Cockapoo dog names MUST (by Waggel law) be super cute and also short and unique to suit the small size of the dog breed. Are you still scratching your head in confusion? Worry not! We’ve got your back.

We have for you a list of twenty different cockapoo names with their descriptions to help you make the perfect choice.

Waggel's Top 20 Cockapoo Names:


Cinnamon is a fun and cheeky name that may describe your dog’s fur coat colour. Cinnamon has a warm and cosy vibe, reminiscent of the festive season and will be a perfect name for your furry friend, who hopefully fills you with happiness.


“Good things come in small packages.” What a suitable quote for your adorable little cockapoo! Minnie is definitely an adorable cockapoo girl name for your little floofball.


Bella is Latin for “beautiful”. Now, find me a name that fits your pretty, smart, and attractive cockapoo better! “Caio, Bella”, just sounds right.


When we think of absolutely adorable and funny dog cartoon characters, ‘Pluto’ from ‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse’ is bound to come to mind! It is indeed a classic cockapoo name for a boy.


Just like the Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars, your cockapoo is also a valuable member of your family. Naming him Oscar just fits right! A classic dog’s name, Oscar, also fits the cockapoo breed perfectly.


Isn’t your cockapoo’s cuteness ‘out of this world’? Well, then Luna can be a beautiful name for your doggo as it means ‘moon’ in Latin. It's also a perfect name for a girl cockapoo or a boy cockapoo!


Coffee and your pet cockapoo will always be there to wake you up in the morning! ‘Coffee’ is indeed a quirky name for your chocolate-coloured, energetic, and fun-loving cockapoo.


The four-leaf clover often means ‘good luck’ and ‘prosperity’. It can be a beautiful name for your four-legged friend who we hope brings you happiness, joy and good fortune.


The word ‘Molly’ translates to ‘star of the sea’. A perfect name for a cockapoo who loves a fun day at the beach!


‘Snowy’ is an adorable yet trendy gender-neutral cockapoo puppy name for a white cockapoo. It complements their ethereal and elegant looks perfectly.


A suitable name for your light brown coloured cockapoo, ‘Hazel’ stands for beauty and mysticism.


Max is a straightforward and classic name for a male cockapoo. It means ‘greatest’ and is perfect for your floofball who is surely your greatest treasure.


What a suitable word for your furry friend who will stick with you through thick and thin! ‘Buddy’ is a simple yet classic name for the trustworthy and faithful cockapoo who will never leave your side.


A field of daisies symbolises innocence and purity. This name is a catchy cockapoo girl name for a happy girl who is just as pure and delightful as a daisy.


‘Oliver’ is a short and cute name for a male cockapoo. You can further shorten it to ‘Ollie’ to elevate the cuteness quotient of the name. It's an ideal name for dogs of small breeds such as the cockapoo.

Yet another name after a tasty treat that your cockapoo loves! (Dog safe treats, of course). The name ‘Cookie’ can be perfect for a cockapoo having a fur coat of any shade of brown.


The cuddly little cockapoos with their beady little sparkling eyes can be easily mistaken for a teddy bear. All the more reasons for naming your cockapoo ‘Teddy’!


A small currency is known as a penny. This name will perfectly suit your cockapoo who is just as small and cute as a penny.


Every time you call your cockapoo by this name, it is bound to remind you how ‘lucky’ you are to have him in your life! It is a short and simple name for your little buddy who we hope has brought prosperity and good fortune to your home.


We know what you’re thinking…the name of Phoebe Buffay, a quirky and fun-loving character from the American sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Yep. Since then, ‘Phoebe’ has been an extremely popular name among all dog parents. It fits just right for a cockapoo girl name, especially if your little girl is funny, passionate and sweet-natured.(..and sings about smelly cats)


No matter what name you choose, we hope it makes you shine bright with happiness as your cockapoo runs towards you with their sparkling eyes and wagging tails when you call them!

We’re here to serve the pet community with our list of the 20 cockapoo names , and if we have helped you to finally choose one for your little ball of fur, then all the better.

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