The adorable  is the result of crossbreeding a poodle with a cocker spaniel. Both breeds are individually heart meltingly cute as heck, so it's no surprise the crossbreed is as popular as they are. This combo of breeds is also the reason why they come in so many attractive shades.

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Cockapoo Colour Gallery: 

Apricot cockapoo

Apricot cockapoos are extremely popular among dog parents. Their eye-catching coat colour says it all! Apricot cockapoos don’t just come in a single shade. 

Dark apricot cockapoos are so similar to red cockapoos that it is hard to differentiate between the two. On the other hand, light apricot cockapoos hold a striking similarity to cream or white cockapoos. Does this mean that their cuteness will decrease? Absolutely not! However, apricot-coloured cockapoos are comparatively rare as it takes an extremely skillful breeder to get the shade correct.

Beige cockapoo

Beige cockapoos are generally brown in colour when they're born. Their rich colour slowly fades away into a beautiful beige or “cafe au lait” colour with a silvery lustre to it. It does not take more than six weeks for the floof ball to transform into this gorgeous shade. Beige cockapoos can also turn into a sober platinum shade as they grow older. 

Black cockapoo

Black cockapoos inherit the fading gene from their parents. As a result, black cockapoos have a good chance of turning grey or silver in colour as time passes. Black is a timeless colour that suits cockapoos like no other. Their black coats can either be shiny or dark matte black depending on the fur texture of the parent cocker spaniel. Black cockapoos often turn into a dark grey or gunmetal colour giving the dog a bluish hue. Such muted shades of black may occur either due to genetics or simply ageing.

Brown cockapoo/chocolate cockapoo

The brown or chocolate colour family is quite large. It consists of a broad spectrum of colours ranging from a dark chocolate colour to lighter shades of brown. Similar to the black cockapoo, the brown or chocolate-coloured cockapoos also inherit the “fading gene”, meaning they might fade into a light coffee or silvery beige tone with ageing.

Champagne cockapoo

Champagne, being a stunning sparkly colour in itself, becomes even more lush on the furry coats of champagne cockapoos. Champagne cockapoos show a beautiful contrast in their fur colour. While their heads are light and creamy in colour, their drooping ears are a darker shade of brown, making its puppy eyes stand out the most! Even lighter coloured champagne cockapoos have strikingly attractive blue eyes that perfectly compliment their dark brown coloured muzzles. However, they are not readily available for purchase like black, brown or apricot cockapoos. 

Cream cockapoo

Cream coloured cockapoos are always high in demand by dog lovers due to their cute and smart nature. Their cream fur colour certainly contributes to making these doggos even more adorable. Mostly, darker coloured hair covers their muzzles and ears to frame the face. Their wet and small brown noses are certainly worth melting for!

Golden cockapoo

With ultra-attractive parents like the English cocker spaniel and the standard, miniature or golden toy poodle, the golden cockapoo cannot help but be extremely handsome themselves! Their luscious golden mane can be either wavy or straight depending on the gene that they are inheriting from their parents. If golden cockapoos are bred in the right way, they do not shed much and are extremely suited as family dogs. Just make sure to exercise them or else they can be lazy couch potatoes. It is indeed one of the most popular dogs, not just in the poodle and spaniel families, but among all dog breeds.

Merle cockapoo

The merle cockapoo gets its name from the ‘merle gene’ in its blood line. This gene is also known as the dilution gene and is responsible for giving these pups a very unique coat pattern. The merle gene does not show any effect on red cockapoos. However, in the case of blue, black and liver colour coats, this gene results in cutesy patches in the dog’s otherwise even fur.

Blue eyes and completely pink noses are other effects of the random coat colour dilution caused by the merle gene. Unfortunately, merle cockapoos remain at risk of developing pernicious health disorders. Puppies carrying this gene are very often born deaf or blind and sometimes without any eyes. Breeders must be very careful while choosing mating dogs to avoid such health implications which often result in the Merle puppies either getting abandoned or in their premature death.

Phantom cockapoo: 

Phantom cockapoos are an adorable blend of black or dark brown coloured fur and beige or cream coloured fur. This fun peek-a-boo mix of two contrasting fur shades make phantom cockapoos stand out among all other cockapoo colours.

Red cockapoo

Depending on the kind of melanin pigment (genetically determined), red cockapoos may oscillate among shades of warm-toned chocolate brown to reddish auburn shades such as tan and gold. Since the colour red is associated with aggressive and feisty nature, red cockapoos often tend to be of a similar temperament.

Roan cockapoo

Roan cockapoos have a uniquely coloured coat where dark hairs intermingle with white to make a beautiful combination. These darker base shades may be black, brown, blue, silver, orange, and lemon, depending on the breeding.

Sable cockapoo

As the name suggests, sable cockapoos have a coat colour similar to that of sables. A rich blend of lighter and darker shades of fur, make this dog extremely vivacious. Usually the hairs are red-toned shades with darker coloured tips giving it an ombre effect. It gives the coat a feathery appearance and frames their faces perfectly.

Tan cockapoo

Tan cockapoos have a coat colour relatively similar to golden cockapoos. Their dreamy eyes and black button noses complement their warm and soft tan coloured curly fur extremely well! 

Tri-colour cockapoo

The three colours in tri-coloured cockapoos are black or brown, tan, and white. The darker coloured fur is predominant while the lighter shades of tan and white are in smaller patches. Tri-coloured cockapoos differ from phantom cockapoos as they have three shades in their coat colour instead of two.

Tuxedo cockapoo

What can be better than your fluffy ball of happiness wearing a tuxedo? Well, tuxedo cockapoos can serve up some cool looks without actually having to wear one. A well-defined white furry patch in the middle of their chest, surrounded by a solid colour like black or red, gives the dog its name. They are such a unique colour of cockapoo that they are always in high demand. Be sure to find a reputable breeder with good connections as you might find yourself on a waiting list.

White cockapoo

White cockapoos have an unmatched beauty that is ethereal and elegant. They have the lightest fur colour in the cockapoo family. Their ears and muzzles are often darker than the rest of their body, but have a lovely white coat elsewhere.


With so many  to choose from, picking out one can be quite the dilemma! Especially when the fur colours can vary with time. We hope our descriptions of the various cockapoo colours could guide you to make your perfect choice!

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