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Cocker Spaniel Names - Waggel's Top 20

Written by Ryan Gliozzo


Looking for a Cocker Spaniel Name? If you’d like to find Cocker Spaniel boy names that are cool but cheeky or Cocker Spaniel girl names that are sweet and cute, then we’ve got you covered.
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Cocker spaniel resting on blanket

Choosing the perfect Cocker Spaniel name can be tricky. If you are a new owner, you can lose days trawling through endless websites on the internet, hoping for just the right name to leap out at you in flashing neon and dramatic music. 

That one elusive name that perfectly captures the character of your little bundle of fluff.

The internet, however, is a minefield of sites that all claim to have amazingly long lists of Cocker Spaniel names, but in reality, they tend to have a haphazard group of random names that bear no relation to Cocker Spaniels, let alone dogs.

Let’s face it, who would want to call their furry friend “Susan” or “Derek” anyway? So, let's get down to it, with our ultimate list of the top Cocker Cpaniel names.

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Loyal, loving, and intelligent

The good news is that you couldn’t find a more good-natured breed of dog. 

They are natural-born family pets. Bubbly and fun-loving, these overexcitable pups are a joy to be around.  

This adorable breed is perfectly suited for easy obedience training, they are energetic, and playful in nature. 

They are extremely friendly with a docile temperament, high affection levels, and with one of the waggiest tails you’ll ever see. 

This breed is excellent for families with children and first-time dog owners as they are known to be a great, kid-friendly dog.

 It’s also worth noting that Cocker Spaniels make terrible guard dogs. 

Their tendency to greet every stranger like a long-lost relative means they’ll hardly keep the burglars at bay.

That said, if you’re searching for a dog who will shower your family with affection and who’s always up for a game of fetch, a good belly rub, and gives free face washes, then there’s never a dull moment with a waggy-tailed cocker spaniel.

Whatever name you finally choose for your new member of the family, we hope it’s a name that has a certain level of coolness, cuteness, or even quirkiness. 

We especially hope it won’t be a name you’ll be embarrassed to loudly shout when your dog is bolting away in the opposite direction.

Our top 20 Cocker Spaniel names

A cocker spaniel with cute long ears

Let’s take the confusion of searching for adorable names for your Cocker Spaniel. 

We have names for both males and females and our handy list of Cocker Spaniel dog names will make your furry friend proudly stand out from the crowd. 

Without further ado, here are Waggel’s top 20 Cocker Spaniel names.


For the energetic cocker with tons of personality, this is a perfect name for that unpredictable pup that likes chasing their tail and doing zoomies.


For the chocolate shade of Cocker Spaniel in your life, this sweet name is a fun but spot-on description.


Perfect for a black and white Cocker Spaniel pup or fun-loving, energetic dogs who enjoy running around and playing games.


Should your four-legged friend like the sound of their own voice, this fitting name works for the pup that loves to bark and has a powerful set of lungs.


What a great name for a Cocker Spaniel that is ready for an exciting journey, trekking off the beaten path and through the wild open spaces of the countryside.


A mischievous name that perfectly suits a naughty Cocker Spaniel that chews slippers, digs in the garden and is always up to something cheeky.


If you’ve ever wondered if your dog-shaped fluffball has springs in their paws, this name will perfectly suit their bouncy personality.


If your new furry friend is a little sweetie, naming them after this yummy treat could be just the right name for them.


The meaning behind this name is “loyal one”, so this is an amazingly apt name for a dog that has shown themselves to be loyal and trustworthy.


If your pup is a bit of a water baby and spends most of their time splashing about and doing the doggy paddle, this is a wonderfully appropriate name for them.


This is a beautiful name for a female Cocker Spaniel that means “mine” in Italian, perfect for a pup you consider to be your own little treasure.


A brilliant name for a dog with so much energy they zoom through your house like a whirlwind, eating practically anything that’s not nailed down.


If your new Cocker pup has a gorgeous red colour, this name couldn’t be more fitting.


Describes that determined Cocker Spaniel that always has their nose to the ground, exploring new smells and discovering new places.


A sweet and simple name for a small but mighty Cocker Spaniel, your furry friend might be pint-sized, but they’ve got bags of character and attitude.


This is a marvellous name for a slightly ditzy dog that constantly loves to play and will get themselves hopelessly into trouble.


Another great name for a bouncy, playful pup that wants to play endless games of fetch.


A fabulous foodie name for a dog that loves nothing better than to munch on many tasty treats.


This name has a warm and friendly feel, perfect for a boy or girl pup who loves being by your side.


For that heroic hairy space cadet in your life, this is a great name for a Cocker Spaniel that enjoys going on adventures to new and exciting places and beyond.

Fun facts about Cocker Spaniels

a cocker spaniel puppy

Here are a few quick facts to illustrate why the humble Cocker Spaniel has been such a popular breed now and throughout history:

  • The Cocker Spaniel is a working dog breed closely related to the springer spaniel. 

  • Police forces worldwide rely on the Cocker Spaniel’s epic nose, which is often deployed for detecting drugs. 

  • In medicine, a Cocker Spaniel called Tangle was the first dog to detect cancer.

  • Cocker Spaniels have even been signed up to the military for a variety of tasks, but their super-sensitive noses are famously used to save lives in bomb detection.

  • In disaster zones, heroic Cocker Spaniels work in search and rescue operations, finding people who are trapped or lost.

  • Cocker Spaniels get their name from historically hunting a type of bird called the woodcock.

  • They are being used more and more as therapy dogs in hospitals, nursing homes, and schools. They have a wonderful temperament that makes them perfect for this type of work.

  • Prince William and Kate Middleton own a Cocker Spaniel whose name is Lupo.

  • In the Disney animated film Lady and the Tramp, Lady is a Cocker Spaniel.

  • They are the smallest sporting dog breed, but they are also one of the most popular.


Cocker spaniel sitting on grass

It’s a difficult time when you first bring home a new puppy. Along with all the training, feeding, pooping, playing, and tickling, there’s that added pressure of finding an awesome name.

But this is where our list of cocker spaniel names comes in handy. We hope it’s helped you to find that perfect name that effortlessly captures your fluffy puppy’s unique personality.

So, whether your new furry friend is a cheeky Ziggy, a water baby Finn or a playful Noodle, we hope you find the perfect name for them on our list.

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