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cockapoo haircuts guide with pictures

The Ultimate Cockapoo Haircut Guide

Written by Ryan Gliozzo


We get it, deciding on a haircut can be tough. Don't fret though, we've pieced together a list of the most popular Cockapoo haircuts to help you choose the best for your new pup.
A cockapoo on a sofa

Introduction to Cockapoos and their types of hair:

cockapoo with their new haircuts

If you have ever wondered what happens when the genes of the delightful Poodle and the elegant Cocker Spaniel mix together, then you’ll be excited to learn about the Cockapoo!

Cockapoos are outgoing, fun-loving, and extremely friendly little creatures who require medium maintenance in terms of their coat. It’s impossible not to fall in love with one! They are one of the most loved hybrid breeds of dog in the UK.

The thick, soft, and curly fur coat types of Cockapoos is probably the cutest trait they have inherited from their parent poodle. Some Cockapoos have beautiful, loose waves which almost look professionally done in a salon!

It’s good to note that tangling and matting of their gorgeous coat is more common in Cockapoos as their hair is non-shedding and hypoallergenic in nature.

As beautiful as they are to look at, a regular grooming regime and frequent or daily brushing of their luscious mane becomes a significant part of taking care of your adorable Cockapoo.

Cockapoos can have different types of fur coats depending on their parents’ genes. Their hair can be of the following types:

  • Straight coat

  • Flat coat

  • Wavy ringlet coat 

  • Poodle curly coat types

Your Cockapoo haircut questions answered

A cute cockapoo with a new haircut

What are the best haircut options for a Cockapoo?

Well, just as in the case of us humans, grooming sessions and haircuts can totally transform the way your Cockapoo looks.

If you have a popular grooming style in mind when you take your furry friend to the grooming salon, it’s best to have prior knowledge about the varied Cockapoo haircuts that exist.

We have used our vast pet knowledge and legendary research skills to build a list of some Cockapoo haircut styles to help you lucky Cockapoo owners make your choice.

Top haircuts for Cockapoos 

The Cockapoo puppy cut

a cockapoo with a puppy cut haircut

The puppy cut is the perfect summer hairstyle that you can give to your Cockapoo. It involves lightly trimming the hair to form a constant and short length and is great to keep the dog cool during the hot summer months.

It is one of the most popular Cockapoo haircut styles for a reason! It makes the Cockapoo look extremely cute and helps to maintain the health and softness of the fur coat.

As you can see, modelled by the super-cute Xylo, one of our amazing members' pets. 

The Cockapoo Cocker cut

A cockapoo with a cocker cut haircut

Cocker Spaniel dogs usually have a long fur coat. If you want your Cockapoo to have the look of its parent Cocker Spaniel, this cut will certainly be ideal.

However, this Cockapoo haircut is quite difficult to maintain as it leaves the hair long around the ears, legs, and body. 

The hair around the eyes is cute and really short, giving a clean and groomed look. It requires trimming and washing every other week to maintain this Cockapoo haircut style.

Ziggy, another one of our members' dogs is modelling this cut with grace and unquestionable style. 

The Cockapoo teddy bear cut

a cockapoo with a teddy bear cut haircut

As the name suggests, the teddy bear cut is all about keeping the overall look of the Cockapoo fluffy and rounded.

The fur around the head is trimmed lightly to give a rounded appearance while still keeping the length long.

The teddy bear Cockapoo haircut style makes the Cockapoo’s face stand out like no other haircut.

This Cockapoo cut is also quite difficult to maintain.

Cockapoo lamb cut

a cockapoo lamb cut haircut

This Cockapoo haircut is highly recommended if you are not able to maintain your canine friend’s fur coat on a daily basis.

The hair length is kept conveniently short in this haircut while keeping the hair on the legs and ears fluffy and full.

It is advisable not to try this Cockapoo hairstyle at home.

It requires a professional groomer to seamlessly blend the longer and shorter hair without it looking uneven and choppy.

Ernie is the model here, rockin' the lamb cut like a boss!

You asked, we answered. 

What is a teddy bear cut on a Cockapoo?

Just like a teddy bear has an adorable round head with cute little beady eyes, the teddy bear Cockapoo haircut style gives your cockapoo a similar look.

Around two to three inches of hair length is kept on the body to give a fluffy and fuller look. The hair around the head is trimmed in a round shape to frame the face and bring out the Cockapoo’s beautiful eyes.

This cockapoo teddy bear cut hairstyle will be perfect for dogs with excessively furry heads.

Since the length of the hair is kept slightly longer, this cut is ideal for the colder seasons to keep your dog feeling cosy and warm. On the flip side, longer hair is equivalent to more frequent trimmings to maintain the look.

What is the difference between a puppy cut and a teddy bear cut?

a cockapoo with a puppy cut and a cockapoo with a teddy bear cut

While the puppy cut and the teddy cut are almost the same Cockapoo hairstyle with identical features, there are a few significant differences that you cannot ignore.

For instance, in the Cockapoo puppy cut, the hair length is kept at around half an inch to one inch long.

On the other hand, the hair length in a Cockapoo teddy bear cut is made to a constant length of two to three inches.

In the Cockapoo teddy bear cut hairstyle, the cut around the head is kept round and fluffy to give the appearance of a teddy bear. In the puppy cut, the length of the hair is kept consistently short.

Will my Cockapoo puppy go curly?

Hair texture and consistency in Cockapoos remain the same in all breeds up until they turn six months old.

After that, they will slowly develop their adult coat with a hair texture that they have inherited from their parents.

It takes an extremely experienced and skilled breeder to tell for sure if your Cockapoo puppy will have curly hair as an adult.

Breeding F1b litter makes it more probable for the resultant Cockapoo to have a coat with ringlets as they have a larger percentage of poodle genes.

(Source: ) Therefore, there is no telling if your Cockapoo adult will go curly or will have a wavy and straight mane. It all depends on its genetic inheritance and is certainly a matter of chance. Notwithstanding, personality is most important when it comes to your cockapoo!

How short should I cut my Cockapoo?

Long hair looks amazing on Cockapoos as they make their appearance fluffy and cuddly. Who doesn't like that? However, shorter hair lengths are much easier to maintain as they take longer to grow out and prevent dirt, debris, and mud from sticking to the long and tangly fur coat.

If you are planning to groom your Cockapoo, keeping the hair length to a minimum of one inch keeps the full and furry look intact. Going even shorter than that can make the Cockapoo haircut awkward and uneven.

Cockapoo grooming guide:

a cockapoo being groomed

Getting your Cockapoo groomed by a professional is always a safe card to play. However, with some helpful tips and tricks, you can groom your pet yourself and save a lot of money in the long run.

Here are some grooming tips to help you out:
Start grooming your cockapoo while they are still a puppy. This will familiarise them with the grooming process when their adult coat comes in.

To groom the puppy coat, brushing their hair three to four times a week is sufficient. You can also shampoo their coat with soap-free and detergent-free shampoo to prevent the skin from drying. Conditioning spray or a detangling spray can also help with any matting issues.

Keeping your pup’s favourite treat in handy will make the process pleasant and comfortable for them.

For Cockapoos with a straight or wavy coat, grooming becomes a cake walk. Brushing their mane regularly and clipping their nails two to three times is all you have to do to keep the Cockapoo clean and well-groomed.

Ringlet or curly-haired Cockapoos moult twice a year and require high maintenance. Using a bladed detangler and slicker brush, you can brush their hair to get rid of the older coat after conditioning. However, paying a visit to the groomer every two to three months is recommended.

Make sure to point the scissors upwards while trimming the hair around the eyes to avoid any accidents.

Cockapoos have low-hanging ears with long hair. This means that they are at a higher risk of catching infections and fungus. Gently use a cotton pad soaked in a cleaning solution to clean only the outer perimeters of the ear. Since pooches have a wide ear opening, do not put any cotton pads inside the ear.


Waggel is always here to provide you with a plethora of useful information and handy tips. If we have helped guide you on your journey to a perfectly groomed Cockapoo, then our mission is successful.

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There are several types of haircuts for your Cockapoo and we have named the most popular as well as answering your most asked questions.

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