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Teacup Dogs - What Are They?

Written by Ryan Gliozzo


Teacup dogs are specially bred types of dogs, created to have the most minute features. Although they are super-cute, almost cartoon-like dogs, they can be prone to health issues so it's best to be cautious when finding a breeder.
Teacup dog being held in air


Teacup dogs are just that! Teacup-sized small fluffy dogs that you can't help but fall in love with. They are tiny and weigh 5lbs or less. We have all at least once wished that our dogs could remain puppies forever (because they are such cuties!). Hence, full-grown teacup dogs are here to fulfil that dream.

What is a teacup dog?

Teacup breeds are manipulated to be as small as possible. A professional and reputable breeder will pair the 'runts' of the litter to create various small breed dogs, including teacup poodles, teacup pugs, and teacup Pomeranians.

Having a pocket-sized dog offers potential benefits. You can carry them anyplace, they attract a lot of attention from friends and family, and their diminutive stature means they don't require a lot of food or preventive drugs when they're healthy. This can help to keep yearly expenditures low.

Small dogs are also particularly tempting to pet owners who reside in facilities that restrict pet size or can only give brief walks or other types of exercise.

Teacup pups' health

Teacup yorkie

Teacup puppies frequently have common health issues since they are the smallest canines in their litter. Some may barely weigh 2 to 5 pounds when fully grown. Because of their small stature, these dogs may suffer from various health concerns, including fragile bones and immune system disorders.

Toy dog breeds can also have a high energy level and need plenty of time and attention to keep them occupied.

A responsible breeder will be able to advise you on any issues in the teacup dogs which they rear and look after.

The teacup craze means that a lot more unscrupulous breeders are cropping up worldwide and you should be wary of pets that could be prone to bone fragility, heart issues, liver shunts and other issues which could arise from bad breeding practices.

Liver shunts are a common issue that could cause stunted growth and seizures.

Be sure to check the breeding history of any breeder and also the pet's mother. The breeding facility may over-breed their dogs for maximum profit, leading to more health issues.

How much does a teacup dog cost?

In the UK, these dogs can range from anywhere between £800 to £3500+ depending on the teacup variety and breeder 

So, your puppy should not be more expensive than other larger canines of a similar breed. 'Teacup' puppies can be extremely trendy, so be sure the breeder is concerned with the puppy's health and future, not just your money. Research thoroughly and avoid unethical breeders.

While size should not be the primary consideration when purchasing a teacup dog, understanding teacup dog sizes is critical. But why is that? To compensate for the increased price tag, unethical dog breeders seek to advertise regular size dog breeds (or even larger) as "teacups."

Most popular teacup dog breeds

Having a smaller-than-average dog may be tempting since these pups may easily fit into a pink Gucci purse. Still, ethical breeders should not jeopardise their pups' health merely to lure customers looking to make a fashion statement.

Before committing to buying a smaller version of an existing tiny breed, it is vital to understand how these breeds are developed and how this might affect any overall health risk. Here’s a list of the cutest teacup dog breeds that you should know.

Teacup Pomeranian Dogs

Pomeranian on mud

Teacup Pomeranians are descendants of sledge dogs from the Arctic area. They were given the name "Pomeranian" because they were initially raised as family pets in the region of Pomerania. Their forefathers were Spitz or Wolfspitz dogs.

This breed has been made renowned by royal families since its identification in the 18th century. Queen Victoria is the greatest example of a royal name who had this dog.

Teacup Pomeranian dogs are attentive and inquisitive about their surroundings. While they are among the most popular teacup dog breeds, they will let you know if something is wrong.

Teacup Pomeranians have less energy and playfulness than ordinary dogs, so they thrive in a more relaxed environment. As with all teacup dog breeds, these dogs should be kept in a home with only adults and older children. Because of their gentleness, they also make excellent handbag dogs and are frequently regarded as one of the finest breeds for ladies.

Teacup Maltese Dogs

teacup maltese dog on tree

Teacup Maltese are less common, but they make excellent watchdogs since they dislike outsiders. teacup Maltese dogs, on the other hand, may require training to reduce excessive barking. The teacup Maltese is also noted for its gentleness and attention to detail.

The teacup Maltese is a sweet, loving, and sociable breed of dog. As a little pup, they make a wonderful family member even in small houses and adore being around humans, even youngsters.

Despite their small stature, they have a lot of personalities, and they are noted for being lively and keeping their owners on their toes. The teacup Maltese is an excellent first pet for anybody looking for a beautiful and cuddly companion with modest activity and grooming requirements!

Teacup Sausage Dogs

a tiny mini dachshund

Some people call tiny miniature Dachshunds that weigh less than 8 pounds or 3.6kg as 12 months 'teacup sausage dogs'.

Toy or teacup Dachshunds are famous because they are tiny, adorable, and Instagrammable.

They're also more unique, simpler to transport, and appropriately proportioned for apartment living – though all Dachshunds are!

People frequently believe that toy or teacup Dachshunds require less effort and require less exercise, but this is not always the truth. No matter how large or tiny, all Dachshunds need a lot of love, care, time, and training!

Teacup Yorkie Dogs

Yorkie pup on chair wearing party hat

Another popular dog breed is the teacup Yorkie. The Yorkie is a courageous and self-assured dog with a variety of characteristics. Except when it comes to children and other animals, they are incredibly caring and flexible. They can be jealous and yappy dogs and they require regular grooming with daily brushing a must.

They can live nearly everywhere - in the city, country, apartments, and without a garden. However, Yorkshire Terriers have lots of energy and require a large amount of play and exercise.

They will also require training to decrease their barking. Therefore, a dog owner who is ready to devote themselves to this pet is typically the ideal match.

Teacup Husky Dogs

We cherish the grace and beauty of the Husky, but these adorable teacup Huskies are apparently much smaller. Unfortunately, the teacup Husky does not exist. Regrettably, it is a clever marketing ploy.

A teacup Husky cannot live in the real world. No breeders have succeeded in developing a teacup or toy Husky since the Husky breed is genetically incapable of reaching this size. If, for example, you come across a breeder who claims to have a litter of teacup Huskies, there is a good chance that what he has is another dog breed that looks similar such as an Alaskan Klee Kai. 

Teacup Chihuahua Dogs

a photo of a tiny chihuahua

Teacup Chihuahuas are currently one of the most popular Teacup canines. Teacup Chihuahuas are cute, but they are also one of the most anxious breeds. They may get along well with cats but not with other dogs or children in many cases.

These are classic puppy purse dogs. They are very loving and despise being alone. These clever canines are relatively easy to train and make excellent apartment dogs, but they demand a great deal of care and attention, making them a suitable "to go" little dog.

They can have a short coat of fur or a long, fluffy one depending on the type. This can be wiry or smooth. Either way, these pocket size pooches are super cute in any variety!


We've managed to get through some of the cutest and cuddly teacup dogs, BUT, there's one slight issue.....

We must emphasise that in reality, there is no such thing as a "teacup" dog; the term is a marketing gimmick, a clever linguistic trick.

We can't say enough that choosing a breeder with high breed standards is vitally important to get the happiest and most healthy pup who will not be prone to costly medical issues.

According to the American Kennel Club, for example, the Pomeranian is predicted to weigh between 3 and 7 pounds and stand 6 to 7 inches tall.

A teacup Pomeranian would be significantly lighter and smaller than this norm.

The AKC and other major dog breed registries do not register or support teacup dog breeds.

The smaller "teacup dogs" are fragile and prone to various health issues with their stunted bodies and weak bones. Therefore, they need constant monitoring and require extreme care and attention. Hence, it is wise to get pet insurance, for these babies.

For guides to other dog breeds and types, why not read our expert information on the top 10 dog breeds, Spaniel breeds, dogs with long ears, dogs with pointy ears and more. Our guides are here to help you choose the perfect furry friend for you and your family.

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