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Dogs with Long Ears - 10 Long Eared Dog Breeds with Pics

Written by Steph McCulloch


Long-eared dog breeds come in an array of different colours, sizes, and shapes. So whether you’ve got your eyes on Miniature Dachshund or a German Shepherd, we’re sure these 10 dogs will have you beaming from ear to ear.
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Dogs with long ears are undeniably cute. They have a certain charm that just screams, ‘I am adorable and have the best ears in the world.’ We know you were thinking the exact same thing so we compiled a list of 10 long-eared dog breeds (with pics, of course) so you can see for yourself the true beauty of these long-eared lovelies.

Whilst they look super sweet, long ears actually help your dog to hear better too! Though the hearing ability of a dog depends on their age and breed, their range of hearing is estimated to be around 40 Hz to 60 kHz - that’s a lot better than us humans.

Long-eared dog breeds come in an array of different colours, sizes, and shapes. So whether you’ve got your eyes on Miniature Dachshund or a German Shepherd, we’re sure these 10 dogs will have you beaming from ear to ear.

10 Dog Breeds with Long Ears

1. Papillon

Image of a pointy eared papillon dog.

The Papillon is a friendly fellow with big, long-haired ears that fan and frame the face like a majestic butterfly dog (hence the name). They’re a social breed and descendant of the European Toy Spaniel giving them excellent temperaments.

Though be warned, they have lots of energy so require an owner who’s always on the move or is sure to join in with the nightly zoomies regime.

Fun fact about the Papillon: they don’t smell! Doggy researchers suggest this is because, unlike other long-haired breeds, they don’t have an undercoat.

2. Beagle

long eared dog beagle

The Beagle is one of the most highly recognised long-eared dogs, ever. Beagles are very active dogs who make great family pets. Whilst they’re fun-loving and kind-natured, they are hounds which means they can be a tad stubborn from time to time.

The Beagle’s favourite thing to do is smell everything so good luck trying to persuade them to do otherwise. This is because they were bred to track small game like rabbits - so it’s just in their DNA.

Beagles' long ears can actually reach the end of their nose, helping them to catch scents. This means they can keep scent particles close by and continue to track that super smelly smell they’re really interested in.

3. Bloodhound

Bloodhound with a smiling baby

The Bloodhound is one of the larger breeds with long ears. Bred for hunting deer and wild boar since the Middle Ages these wrinkly wonders are magnificent hunters, using their ears to help every step of the way.

If you look closely you’ll notice that nothing about the Bloodhound is accidental. Their ears are set a bit further back than most other dogs’ meaning they hang lower to the floor.

Even the wrinkles are useful and help to trap scent particles picked up by the ears! This means Bloodhounds are extremely good at sniffing out whatever it is they want - like that last dog treat you tried your best to hide.

4. Basset Hound

Basset Hound with long ears

Whilst the Basset Hound shares some similarities with the Bloodhound, they also have a lot of differences. Most notably in their size with the Basset Hound being smaller in stature.

Basset Hounds are quite food oriented (for a hound dog, anyway) which means you’ll likely have an easier time training them! Like the Bloodhound, their ears help them to smell every last particle and source a treat from miles away.*

*We’re not just being dramatic, in certain conditions, dogs can smell as far as 12.4 miles!

5. Chihuahua

Pointy Eared Chihuahua

Though these cuties are tiny, their ears are huge! The Chihuahua has a rich history and descends from a desert-dwelling dog whos ears evolved to act like two umbrellas; shading them from the heat and sand.

As well as providing shade away from the sun, Chihuahua’s ears also collect moisture from the air keeping them hydrated and happy.

Although Chihuahua’s can sometimes be misunderstood, they are loving and loyal, making them a great pet for first-time owners.

6. French Bulldog

long Eared French Bulldog

Like the Chihuahua, the French Bulldog’s ears stand tall at all times making them look like giant bats. Their ears are what give them their lovable and iconic look, though they don’t stand fully erect until they’re a few months old.

French Bulldogs ears can be fun to watch, especially when they’re puppies. More often than not, their ears will stand up one day and flop the next. Or you may find one stands up and the other folds over until they’re both ready to stand in their own time.

These hilarious dogs are great for families and can provide hours of entertainment. Looking for a fun dog with long ears? The French Bulldog could be your ideal match.

7. Boston Terrier

boston terrier with long ears

The Boston Terrier shares similar ears to the French Bulldog; big, tall, and rounded with points at the top. This distinct feature of the breed makes them very favourable amongst dog lovers of the world.

Once the ears stand up, the personality shines. Boston Terriers are a friendly and affectionate breed with a coat that looks like they’re wearing a tuxedo - what more could you ask for?

Affectionate and great with children, the Boston Terrier is one of the most popular long-eared dog breeds and one of the most amusing.

8. Dachshund

long eared dachshund with a blue bandana

Arguably one of the most popular dog breeds with long ears of all time, Dachshunds are known for their huge ears which, if anything, accentuate that loooong body. Their floppy ears are amazing to witness in action, if you can get your sausage to run wild that is.

Whilst they look delightful, the Dachshund’s ears aren’t just there to be fussed over. Back in the day when Dachshunds were used for hunting, their ears protected them from grass, dirt, and debris. Amazing!

9. Cocker Spaniel

A happy cocker spaniel with long ears

Like lots of the other dogs in this list, Cocker Spaniels were bred to be hunting dogs. This meant that their ears also helped them to catch whatever scent they were after.

These super long, almost shoulder-length ears helped Cocker Spaniels to locate prey with absolute ease. Though nowadays, lots of Cocker Spaniel - and other long-eared dog owners - purchase their pups' snoods, to avoid messy mealtimes and muddy walkies.

Whilst you're here, you may as well mosey on over to our newest post on Cocker Spaniels and how to groom them. Go on, you know you want to.

10. German Shepherd

A German shepherd

German Shepherds have large, pointed ears that stem back to their rich history. Having their ears perked upright helped them to identify and locate threats when hunting.

When their ears are up, they’re listening very closely to every last sound. This makes total sense though when you consider their ancestor - the wolf.

The ideal German Shepherd will have large, pointed ears that are strong enough to stand at all times. However, as puppies their ears flop until they grow into them, making them look like adorable bundles of hairy joy.


We think the main takeaway from this post is that dogs with long ears are amazing.

It’s also incredibly fascinating to consider the rich and diverse history of each breed and how, for example, hunting and evolution play such a huge part in how they look today. Whilst long ears add quirk and character, they also have incredible functions!

With any long-eared dog, there’s a list of possible health issues such as ear infections, and fungal and yeast infections. If the ear canal is covered and air can’t circulate, you could be looking at a trip to the vet.

Long ears are also the prime spot for ear mites and fleas so it’s best to keep a beady eye out at all times and it's especially important to keep their ears clean.

Getting your dog used to having their ears cleaned as soon as possible can help them to feel much more relaxed, and avoid any issues from taking place at all.

If you're looking for other dog breeds, why not read out expert posts on breeds with pointy ears, the top spaniel breeds, the best family dogs, and the top 10 small breeds. These will surely help you make the best decision when it comes to a new furry friend for you and your family.

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