For this article, we teamed up with behaviour specialist Junior Hudson, of , to offer some advice for puppy owners to help chill out the chew! Although the focus is mainly around puppies and what new puppy owners can do, the tips Junior has provided us can also help an older dog’s chew, too. Phew!

Don’t chew wish your puppy was less chewy? Don’t chew?

- The Puppydog Dolls

Don’t worry, chewing is normal! In fact, dogs of all ages chew for a number of different beneficial reasons. Puppies can chew to relieve pain that might be caused by newly growing teeth and for older dogs, it’s nature’s way of keeping jaws strong and teeth clean - or maybe they’re just bored!

Chewing can be an issue though, especially if your house is usually pristine and not used to a puppy roaming around! So here is some advice from Junior so you don’t have to ignore the gnaw, but instead can champion that chomping!


‘Puppy-proof’ the rooms that your little doggo has access to. There should be nothing accessible that might be unsafe if your pup gets a hold of it - same applies to the fragile and valuable!

Burn the boredom

Some pups chew out of boredom - ever found yourself chewing a pen lid in a meeting?? Say no more. You can relieve boredom and or/excess energy by frequent training/play sessions - the same works for your puppy too!

Safe chews & toys

Providing safe chews and toys will act as a source of entertainment as well as a calming relief from teething. It may help to freeze aloe vera juice and gently rub on your puppy’s gums, which is also soothing.

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