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Written by Ryan Gliozzo


If you are thinking about getting a new crate or dog kennel for your canine companion, you have probably noticed the wide range of choices you have out there. But what's best? Dive in to our post below to find out....
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So many options can only confuse you if you are unsure which plastic dog kennel to get for your pet. If plastic dog kennels are what interest you, let's look at some of the best available in the UK.

Plastic dog kennels have been providing a special den-like place for our pets for quite some time. They offer our companions a safer spot to take a nap and feel comfortable.

In fact, canine parents can also benefit from a plastic kennel because it will keep your furry friend secure while they aren't under our direct supervision.

This article is about the advantages of plastic as a dog kennel choice, and our top recommendations for the best ones we could find in the UK.

While there are many types of amazing doggo homes out there. From travel kennels, to a hand-built wooden kennel, but plastic kennels have the advantage of being easy to build and maintain/clean.

What are plastic dog kennels?

A good quality plastic dog house comes with hard plastic coverings and a wired door to stop the fluff ball from jumping out. Most of these kennels feature a few slits along the sides to ensure proper ventilation.

The doggy kennel also comes with a removable tray to put your canine's delicious food in it, making the cleaning process a breeze.

Plastic dog kennels are also termed "pet carriers" because most pet parents buy these crates for travelling purposes only. However, it's an excellent option for day-to-day use, and being compact is a recommendable product for most dog breeds which come in a range of sizes.

Why use plastic dog kennels?

 plastic dog kennels

There are a lot of benefits associated with using plastic dog kennels. Thereby if you fail to get one for your beloved snuggle baby, it would be a bummer!

Here we have listed some of the amazing benefits of a plastic dog kennel for sale to make your life much easier.

A brilliant tool for house training

Is your wiggly furball house trained yet? If not, get your hands on a plastic dog kennel to get the job done right.

 If you managed to get a conveniently sized crate, your pooch would simply adore it as his personal space and would try his best to keep this place free of poop and pee.

The canine will slowly learn to come out of his crate to do the "stinky business." So make sure you take your pup outdoors to show him the right place to relieve himself.

Initially, there may be a few accidents, but keep practising, and don't stop congratulating your fluff buddy with a delicious treat, a walk, or lots of appreciation each time he relieves himself where he is supposed to.

Need more help training your doggo? Check out our puppy toilet training guide.

Chew toy facilitator

A fine way to stimulate your pooch is to get him some adorable chew toys. You can give the pup different toys to chew on by providing a plastic kennel as a convenient shelter.

There are a lot of food stuffed chew toys available in the market, and you can opt for the one you like the most.

If your canine companion isn't willing to nap, simply place him inside the plastic kennel with a chew toy and let him tire himself out for better mental and physical stimulation.

This will help them get used to the kennel and see it as their safe, personal space.

Better behaviour management

Plastic dog kennels can be a great tool for the overall management of your pups. You can use these crates to reinforce appropriate behaviours in them.

This goes beyond the limit of potty training. You can eliminate destructive chewing and teach your pet to sit and greet guests instead of hoping and jumping on them.

Pet parents can also put their furry babies in the crate to let them play with their favourite toys.

Pros of a plastic pet kennel in a nutshell

  • Feasible and lightweight. A smart and portable option for travelling.

  • Comes with securely lockable features, making it harder for pets to escape.

  • Adequately sheltered. Offers better insulation during freezing weather.

  • Pet parents can remove the top part to transform the kennel into an open bed.

  • Easy to clean and maintain. Suitable for anxious puppies.

Best plastic dog kennels for sale in the UK:

Paw Hut Plastic Igloo Dog Kennel  

paw hut plastic igloo dog kennel

Our top pick of the best plastic dog kennel is this highly rated igloo by Pawhut. The crate is a highly versatile and innovative design filled with all the commodities, making it an excellent buy for someone looking for a unique pet house.

Made with thick and durable plastic and a metal mesh door for ultimate safety, this dog crate acts as a fortress against mould that destroys ordinary plastic kennels.

The canal also comes with a structured form made of insulated plastic, making it extremely easy to clean when your pet has an accident.

The construction of this igloo is highly durable, and because of this, it keeps your pets warm during the freezing weather and cold in the summer.

The back of this crate contains ventilation to circulate the air and keep the container comfortable for your pooch. We like this product because it is weather resistant and effortless to put together.

Click here to get yours today.

GYMAX Plastic Dog Kennel:

Gymax Plastic Dog Kennel

The GYMAX Plastic Dog Kennel is an ideal dog kennel for indoor and outdoor use. Plus, it can accommodate large breed dogs without breaking the bank.

Made with waterproof and corrosion-proof characteristics, this dog house is super sturdy and can hold up against extreme weather conditions for an extended period. Its composition makes the cleaning process much more manageable. Plus, the structure is super simple to assemble.

The weatherproof shelter comes with a sloped roof design and can protect your pets from rainwater. What we like most about this product is its raised floor that can withstand bad weather conditions. In addition to that, it is spacious and lighter in weight.

Interested? Get yours by clicking here.

Ferplast Dogvilla

Ferplast Dog Villa

If you are looking for something that matches various home decoration styles at a great price, check out Ferplast Dogvilla's plastic dog kennel.

Like our first two picks, this crate is ultra-durable and weatherproof.

Reviewers love this plastic kennel for its super simple assembly, affordability, and spaciousness.

It is an ideal recommendation for pups with allergies as the smooth surface prevents the growth of bacteria in the kennel.

The product features huge ventilation slits in the back that can be accommodated according to the weather.

The entrance is made with an aluminium frame, offering added stability. In our opinion, it's a product worth trying.

Click here to order today.

Plastic Easy-Build Dog Kennel

Plastic Easy build Dog Kennel

If your pooch loves sleeping outside, choosing a crate that will stay cool and dry in summer and warm in winter is the key.

Our next pick, "the plastic easy-build dog kennel," is made from heavy-duty plastic, making it more durable and waterproof than other standard dog kennels available on the market.

Plus, this brilliant yet simple design is UV resistant. The crate has a raised interior, so your pup doesn't have to rest in water that makes its way inside. It is also effortless to clean and assemble.

You can purchase your own by clicking here


Plastic dog kennels are the best option to serve as a safe spot for your beloved pet. Using them is essential for the well-being of both the pooch and the owner.

 It promises an overall relaxation and keeps your pup well stimulated and away from any destructive tendencies. In fact, it's a win-win situation!

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