pet isnt only thing you need to insure

A Pet Isn't the Only Thing You Need to Insure

Written by Steph McCulloch


We all know the importance of protecting our pets. Although insurance sounds super boring, it can save you from paying thousands in vet fees and help to provide your pet with immediate care, not to mention some pretty impressive perks if Waggel is your insurer (not to blow our own trumpet or anything).
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We all know the importance of protecting our pets. Although insurance sounds super boring, it can save you from paying thousands in vet fees and help to provide your pet with immediate care, not to mention some pretty impressive perks if Waggel is your insurer (not to blow our own trumpet or anything).

However, insurance isn’t just limited to pets. There are also other things in our lives that we’d love to wrap in bubble wrap and protect, like our phones, tablets, and laptops. But we can’t because that’s just a bit weird and, in reality, would take up a lot of space in our bags.

Enter Arma Karma who provide monthly insurance for the things that mean the most to you from your phone to your AirPods, your guitar to your TV, their extensive and inclusive list can help you to find peace of mind in protecting your most prized possessions and gadgets.

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What is gadget insurance?

Gadget insurance is designed to cover the cost of replacing or repairing various gadgets in the sad event that they’re lost or stolen. Gadget insurance can help you to gain peace of mind and stop the initial panic when you reach for your headphones and see that they’re gone.

With the cost of replacing gadgets or sending them in for repair only increasing over recent years, it really is no surprise that more and more people are looking to gadget insurance to help them protect their expensive and well-loved products.

Who are Arma Karma and what do they cover?

Arma Karma are an insurtech company (just like us!) who provide gadget insurance on a monthly subscription basis. Their mission is simple. They want to bring some ‘good’ to the dull and sometimes unethical world of insurance and we couldn’t agree more.

Established in 2019, Arma Karma have since been providing gadget insurance for up to 5 items at a time stopping thousands of people from enduring that awful sinking feeling when they realise their favourite gadget has gone MIA.

Wondering where they get their name from? Well, Arma is a play on armour because they’re protecting your items and Karma references the good you’ll be doing by taking out a subscription and supporting one of their charity partners.

So now you know a bit more about them, what do they insure? The good news is pretty much any possession worth protecting. Examples include:

  • Mobile phones

  • AirPods

  • Headphones

  • Tablets

  • Gadgets, including household gadgets

  • Laptops

  • Bikes

  • Eyewear

  • Jewellery

  • Handbags

  • Shoes

  • Sports equipment

  • Musical instruments

Arma Karma gives you the ability to pick between 1 and 5 items to cover in one policy meaning you don’t have to stress about having separate iPhone insurance and laptop insurance policies. Arma Karma makes it simple, helping you to seamlessly manage all of your protected items in one place.

They’re different to others in the insurance world as they allow you to take full control of what’s important to you. From camera insurance to bicycle insurance, they’ve got you covered.

Accidental damage, loss, theft, and screen damage are included in your policy as standard so you don’t have to worry about this if you ever do need to claim! Please note that bikes, home appliances, and laptops are not covered by loss protection.

Every item covered by Arma Karma is not only covered at home but also abroad for up to 60 days meaning your policy doesn’t stop working as soon as you jet off to your next sunny destination (we’re totally not jealous).

Because of their flexibility, you can add, change, and cancel your monthly insurance policy at any time, unlike some companies that just can’t seem to let you go.

Making a claim with them is as easy as 1, 2, 3 though do note they have an initial 14-day no-claims period to keep prices low for honest subscribers such as yourself. Simply click ‘make a claim’ and fill in some simple information.

Arma Karma are also a charitable company and send 25% of your subscription cost to a charity of your choice - one of few insurance companies who will let you do all of that for a monthly price!

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What does an Arma Karma subscription cost?

So you know who they are and what they cover but how much does it all cost? Simply put, the terms and cost of your policy mainly depend on what you choose to cover and the value of those items.

As an example, the average cost of a policy that covers your £700 smartphone and £400 bike is £8.99 per month, but subscriptions can start from as little as £1.99 per month. Arma Karma also offers multi-item discounts for each additional item you add. The amount of excess you choose also depends on the item but Arma Karma offer excess from as little as £75.

Arma Karma believes in transparency, so if you need to cancel your monthly subscription, you can at any time without any hidden fees or nasty charges. They also have an excellent customer service team that is available to chat with daily. Oh, and for every sign-up they get, they plant a tree!

To help you out even more, Arma Karma have compiled a helpful list of FAQs so you can find all the answers to your burning questions on monthly insurance.

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At Waggel, we like to celebrate our friends and have partnered with Arma Karma because of their honest and ethical approach to insurance.

We would never promote a product that doesn’t fit or follow our own values or is something that we simply wouldn’t use. Although we’re covering two different parts of the insurance market, protecting something you value is very important to both of us.

By taking out a gadget insurance policy you’re not just protecting yourself but reaping the benefits of doing so. From their adjustable and flexible multi-gadget policies to charity partnerships and more, Arma Karma are leading the way in making insurance ethical, transparent, and inclusive.

So if you’re looking for mobile phone insurancecamera insurance, or laptop insurance choose Arma Karma and get started today. Waggel customers get 15% off their first month's subscription, consider it a treat from us to you. We've also got something for those of you who aren't yet Waggel members - an exclusive 10% off your first month's subscription with Arma Karma when you use the code WAGGEL10.

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