navigating pet loss with the blue cross

Navigating Pet Loss With the Blue Cross

Written by Steph McCulloch


In this article, we're continuing to open the conversation surrounding pet loss and exploring the incredible work of the Blue Cross Pet Loss Support team.
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Pet loss is a difficult experience for all. It can come loaded with unanswered questions, feelings of guilt, regret, and more notably, feelings of sadness that follow us around like baggage we can’t quite seem to carry comfortably. In March, we published an article about the taboo surrounding pet loss and bereavement, and why it can feel so incredibly isolating.

Those of us who’ve loved and lost a pet know you never really get over it, you just learn to cope with it. Sure, it gets easier with time but a familiar smell, the resurgence of a ‘memory’ on a social media app or the lapse in our minds when we forget about it for a moment and expect to hear the pitter-patter of tiny feet can send us right back to day one of the grief journey.

At Waggel, we consider ourselves more than a pet insurer. We want customers to feel as though they have our support through every step of the pet ownership experience, no matter what that looks like or at what point it ends. We want to ensure that every customer in our care gets the help and closure they need when struggling with the death of their pet.

Our attempts to help heal the pain felt by pet owners, even if only by a small amount, mean that we want to make sure no one is alone. To do this, we’re highlighting the incredible work and support offered by the Blue Cross, a charity set up to change the lives of animals in the UK.

Who are the Blue Cross?

The Blue Cross is a charity who’ve been helping sick, injured, homeless pets, and the people who love them, since 1897. Their goal is to enjoy a world where all pets experience a healthy and happy life.

The charity provides specialist care, services, and support for both pets and people throughout their lives together. Their assistance encompasses veterinary treatment, facilitating the adoption of pets into loving homes, offering behavioural advice, aiding with pet bereavement, and providing education for future generations. They advocate for pets and their owners to foster a better world.

The organisation holds a profound appreciation for the transformative impact pets have on the lives of their human companions. They are deeply passionate about nurturing the unique bond between pets and people, dedicating themselves to fostering its growth and well-being.

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What support do they provide for those experiencing loss?

One of their many service offerings is support for those who are dealing with the loss of a pet, either through death, enforced separation or theft. Since 1994, the Blue Cross has provided free and confidential help for those who need it most.

They understand, from personal experience, that the feelings associated with grief and bereavement can be overwhelming. To help pet owners through their grief journey, the Blue Cross provide free support through a trained volunteer-run phone line, online web chat, and email service. They also provide training opportunities for pet professionals and volunteers.

For over 30 years Blue Cross’ Pet Loss Support has helped thousands of pet owners of all ages and from all walks of life. Pet Loss Support also offers practical information and literature on pet loss for friends, family members and others who have contact with pet owners to help them feel less alone in their loss. Their mission is simple, to reach as many people as possible with compassion and understanding so that no one goes through the pain of losing a pet alone.

Accepting help and support

There’s no doubt that some grieving pet owners downplay their loss and feel as though the death they’ve experienced isn’t serious enough to seek help because it’s not a person they’re mourning, it’s a pet. The Blue Cross, like us at Waggel, recognise that all forms of grief matter. Pet loss is a valid form of grief and takes time to work through. Having an emotional support system in place can significantly help to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

The Blue Closs knows that losing a pet impacts everyone differently leading to overwhelming feelings of sadness. There may also be a strong sense of guilt and self-doubt, particularly when a decision has been taken to euthanase or rehome a pet. Whatever you are feeling, it's completely normal.

They’re also familiar with friends, family or colleagues who don’t quite understand the upset that losing a pet can bring. Grieving for a pet can be a very lonely experience and it can help to share your feelings with someone who knows, from personal experience, how distressing pet loss can be, and who will listen with compassion and without judgement.

Maybe you can’t quite find the words to express how you feel, you feel floored by the absence of an animal, or you have questions about whether or not to get another pet. You may feel unable to talk to friends or family about your grief or are anticipating the time you will have to say goodbye to a pet who is still living. Perhaps you feel heartbroken about a pet who is missing or stolen or you want to call about a pet who passed away many months or even years ago. The Pet Loss Support team can help you with whatever you're feeling, all you need to do is take the first step in reaching out.

Call the Blue Cross Pet Support team today on 0800 096 6606 or email [email protected]. You can also talk to a member of the team via live web chat by accessing the Pet Loss Support page and clicking the ‘chat’ icon in the corner of the screen.

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The Blue Cross offer a wealth of resources to those struggling with pet loss such as:

If the Blue Cross Pet Loss service has helped you or a loved one, why not consider donating today so that they can continue to provide well-needed support to those mourning the loss of a beloved pet?

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