introducing the second chance grant

Introducing the Second Chance Grant

Written by Steph McCulloch


A more in-depth look into Waggel's new grant scheme; the Second Chance Grant - set up to make long-lasting change through financial aid to animal rescue centres and rehoming programmes.
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In April 2024, we launched our first charity programme; the Second Chance Grant to support rescue shelters and rehomers in their efforts to give cats and dogs a second chance at living a life of joy.

At Waggel, our care extends beyond providing pet insurance. We want to contribute and provide assistance to as many animal welfare organisations as we can and hope that by launching the Second Chance Grant, UK-based pet charities can seek the help they desperately need.


Pet ownership saw a huge rise during the COVID-19 pandemic though life after lockdown has seen many pets being placed in shelters. Rescue shelters are now under increasing pressure to meet demand, and in many cases, don’t have the available resources and capacity to meet this need.

The cost of living crisis exacerbates these problems even further with many charities on the brink of closure leaving them with nowhere to turn to for support. With limited resources, many charities are facing extreme financial stress. The worry and anxiety of finding homes and foster care for hundreds of animals without financial aid shouldn’t be something anyone has to experience.

Animal welfare charities significantly impact local communities by controlling overpopulation issues and promoting responsible pet ownership which ultimately enhances public safety and fosters community engagement.

As part of our commitment to promoting positive animal well-being, we want to help these organisations in their mission of caring for and finding homes for displaced cats and dogs.

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Objectives of the grants programme

The Second Chance Grant exists to provide financial support for medical care, food, shelter and adoption efforts relating specifically to cats and dogs. We want to ensure pets are protected and set up for healthy and happy lives by working closely with trusted and ethical shelters and rehoming programmes.

We also want to create awareness of the great work that shelters and rescue centres do to tackle issues surrounding displaced, stray and homeless cats and dogs whilst educating potential pet owners on the benefits of rehoming a cat or dog in need so they can make empowered and informed decisions.

The total grant allocation for 2024 is £25,000. In order to apply, charities must meet the eligibility criteria which can be found on the Second Chance Grant page - we’ll also discuss them below.

Our aim with the £25,000 grant fund is to help rescue shelters and rehomers continue their vital work in caring for cats and dogs. In short, we want to support specific projects and initiatives which we know will have a positive impact on rehoming efforts.

Eligibility criteria

To ensure financial aid is being received by legitimate and intended charities, we’ve put eligibility criteria in place.

They are as follows:

  • You must be a shelter or rescue centre

  • You must be registered with the Charity Commission

  • You must work directly with cats and dogs

  • You must be based in the UK (excluding the Channel Islands and Jersey)

  • You must facilitate the welfare, rescue and rehoming process for cats and dogs

The eligibility criteria for the Second Chance Grant ensure that resources are allocated effectively and efficiently to projects and organisations that align with the fund's objectives and priorities, maximising the impact of the grant.

These criteria help to maintain transparency, fairness and accountability in the selection process, ensuring that funds are directed to recipients who have the capacity to utilise them responsibly and achieve meaningful outcomes.

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Impact and benefits

Once a charity is selected for allocation of the grant fund, they’ll be expected to make progress check-ins with Waggel so we can see how the financial aid they’ve been allocated is being used and what the timeline for any current projects is. Here, transparency is key and will help us to see the positive work being carried out, something we’re deeply invested in.

We hope that the Second Chance Grant will help small charities increase their capacity to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome cats and dogs through the completion of key projects, allocation of important resources and payment of medical bills.

How individuals can help

As the Second Chance Grant is newly launched, we need your help to spread the word. Whether this be through word of mouth or through sharing our charity posts on social media, everything helps.

You can also help to make positive changes by getting involved and supporting your local rescue shelters and rehoming programmes. A number of shelters offer a wide variety of volunteering opportunities such as in-house weekly visits and fostering. If you haven’t got physical time to volunteer at the moment, you could speak to a local animal shelter or programme about setting up regular donations or making a one-off contribution.

Alternatively, if you are considering getting a pet, why not adopt? Speaking directly to a rescue centre can help you find a pet that suits your lifestyle and requirements. And with such a wide range of cats and dogs in shelters, we’re sure you’ll find one that suits you perfectly.

A black and ginger cat standing outside.


The Second Chance Grant is a significant move forward in supporting rescue shelters and rehoming efforts and we only aim to increase our allocation offering year after year.

Spreading the word to friends, family and small charities directly will help to contribute to the success of the grant fund in turn alleviating pressure and stress from animal welfare providers and resulting in the security of forever homes for many cats and dogs across the UK.

To learn more about the Second Chance Grant and how you can support our mission and apply for financial aid, visit our specific grant page. Here, you’ll also find answers to any questions you may have as either a supporter or a charity.

If you still have questions about the Second Chance Grant, feel free to drop us an email over at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help.

To directly apply for the Second Chance Grant, click here. You’ll be directed to a third-party hosting platform where, upon submission, you’ll receive a confirmation email on our behalf.

Good luck!

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