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Christmas Dog Treats - Top 10 Christmas Treats for Dogs

Written by Steph McCulloch


Discover the festive joy of treating your furry friend this holiday season with our curated list of the top 10 Christmas treats for dogs. From delicious goodies to vet-approved snacks, indulge your pup in the spirit of the season while ensuring their health and wellbeing. Explore tailored and hand-picked items that are sure to make this Christmas a tail-wagging celebration for your four-legged companion.
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The holiday season brings so much joy to all - twinkling lights, festive flavours, and quality time with family. Our fur baby companions make these celebrations even more magical and deserve special treatment too.

From homemade meals by the fireside to snuggling up for holiday movie marathons, our pets bring warmth and laughter to each merry moment.

This year, as you deck your halls and indulge in delectable treats, be sure to let your pets take part in the Christmas cheer.

After all, it's the season of giving, so gifting your loyal pets some extra affection, attention and
festive dog treats couldn't go a miss! They'll bring endless holiday spirit as a treasured part of the family.

To help you get into the Christmas spirit, we've compiled a list of the top 10 Christmas treats suitable for dogs so you can ensure the holiday period is one that brings happiness to all.

Why treat your dog this Christmas?

Our furry canine companions bring so much joy and warmth into our lives every day of the year - they are truly part of the family.

That's why the holiday season presents the perfect opportunity to make them feel extra special with fun options and tasty treats.

Taking time to celebrate with your loyal pup amid all the festive hustle and bustle shows them how much their companionship means.

Taking your decorated dog on Christmas card outings or letting them open stockings stuffed with
brand new toys Christmas morning, for example, lets your four-legged friend actively participate in cherished traditions. Their sweet, excited reactions remind us to approach the holidays with childlike wonder.

So this Christmas, celebrate those everyday moments of tail wags and sloppy kisses by honouring your loyal companions with the best kind of present - quality time together filled with belly rubs, cuddles, and special treats.

Top 10 Christmas dog treats

a scottie dog biscuit tin standing up with some treats laid out next to it

Give your pup an iconic holiday treat with these Scotty Dog Biscuits from Pets at Home. Shaped like the beloved breed's form, these festive dog goodies come packaged in a reusable tin, perfect for storing other treats when the holiday's over.

Made without any artificial flavours or colours, and with healthy ingredients, you can feel good about rewarding your furry friend with these tasty biscuits.

Your favourite pooch will adore nibbling on these crunchy biscuits, which celebrate the season in classic style. Treat your pup and reduce waste at the same time with these charming tins filled with delicious dog treats.

2. Rosewood Festive Filled Santa & Reindeer Dog Treats

Treat your pup to a delicious holiday feast with Cupid & Comet's Santa & Reindeer Shaped Dog Treats. These rawhide-free goodies provide long-lasting enjoyment with turkey, chicken, and cranberry filling tucked inside each festive shape.

Your dog will savour the scrumptious turkey and cranberry flavours in every tasty bite.

Since these healthy treats are a rawhide alternative, you can reward your four-legged friend with a holiday celebration they'll love that also meets their nutritional needs.

Watch your pup enjoy the fun of the festive season as they indulge in these thoughtfully crafted, turkey-packed Santa and reindeer dog treats - sold in a pack of two so the holiday fun can last.

3. Lords & Labradors Christmas Toy & Treat Box

two boxes filled with dog treats

This ready-to-gift hamper contains lots of handpicked holiday fun just for your furry friend. Inside, your pet can discover tasty festive bites, chewy treats, and exciting new toys for endless playtime.

With delicious chicken and cranberry nibbles, dental duo bone chews, fluffy plush squeaky toys, and more, this collection has everything your dog needs to celebrate.

With no gift wrap required this keepsake box is ready for placing under the tree. Let your best friend join in the seasonal revelry by treating them to this amazing assortment of themed toys and yummy snacks. It's the ultimate way to make your loyal companion's Christmas morning magical!

4. Good Boy Real Meat Dog Stocking

christmas dog meat stocking

This 100% Natural Chicken Meat Dog Stocking holiday gift overflows with wholesome goodness like premium chicken breast fillets your dog will savour and 4 artisan baked treats to nibble.

For even more festive fun, a bonus squeaky toy is tucked inside too!

Filled only with thoughtful ingredients you can feel good about feeding your furry friend, this stocking delivers festive joy they'll enjoy again and again.

Whether given as a gift or as the tastiest decoration hanging by the fireplace, indulge your loyal companion with this protein-packed stocking stuffed with healthy, meaty dog gifts. Come Christmas morning, your good boy or girl will rejoice over this nutritious gift.

5. Yappy Woofmass Woofin

christmas themed dog cupcake

The perfect stocking filler doesn’t exist? Think again. This dog-friendly cupcake is the cutest treat for your pooch. The Yappy Woofmas treat features moist carob-flavoured sponge cake swirled with green frosting and topped with a bonus bone-shaped biscuit.

The cake's carob creates a delicious flavour dogs love, without any toxic nasties.

In addition to this, the festive pupcake is neatly packaged in an eco-friendly 100% recyclable pod.

Delight your four-legged companion this season with a decadent dessert made just for them!

6. Pooch & Mutt Dental Sticks Advent Calendar

pooch and mutt advent calendar promo image

Get your pooch grinning ear to ear this Christmas with one of the first-ever Dog Dental Stick Advent Calendars! Behind each numbered door lies a tasty dental treat with four fun flavours to discover each day – cheese fondue, peanut butter, turkey and hemp, or spirulina mint.

Individually wrapped for ultimate freshness, these daily dental sticks combine lignocellulosic fibre with plaque-fighting minerals.

Not only will your dog love the flavoured crispy texture, but you’ll be ensuring healthy teeth and gums all season long! Let the tail wags commence as your pup gives paws up to the best holiday countdown for canine health we’ve ever seen.

7. Christmas Meaty Treats by Pooch & Mutt

pooch and mutt cheese christmas treats

Carefully crafted to align with your pup’s nutritional needs, these quality treats by Pooch & Mutt feature a short list of thoughtfully chosen ingredients perfect for dogs 12 weeks and up.

The cheddar cheese taste tempts even the pickiest of pooches thanks to the perfect balance of real cheddar powder and all-natural flavours. Your pup will have nothing left on their wish list once they get their paws on these scrumptious seasonal snacks. So go ahead and share a little holiday indulgence with your best friend this Christmas – they deserve a decadent cheese-filled celebration just as much as the rest of us!

8. Meaty Treats Taster Pack from Pooch & Mutt

chihuahua sat against pink background with pooch and mutt treats

Pooch & Mutt continue to deliver Christmas goodies this festive season with the Meaty Treats Taster Pack.

Bringing together savoury delights and healthful advantages, these tasty treats cater to your canine companion's well-being with three distinctive flavours designed for dental care, lustrous skin and coat, and a calming effect.

Introducing a fresh selection of treats that specifically target key aspects of
canine health, Pooch & Mutt continues to provide a diverse array of advantages.

Whether it's promoting healthy skin and coats, supporting mental well-being, or enhancing oral hygiene, this range ensures there's something beneficial for every dog.

9. Health & Digestion Mini Bone Treats

promo image of french bulldog against blue background

Crafted with care, these Health & Digestion dog treats undergo meticulous hand-baking and expert blending to ensure that even dogs with the most delicate digestion can experience well-being both inside and out.

This delightful, low-calorie recipe features chicory, a natural prebiotic fostering 'good bacteria' in the gut, along with parsley, a time-honoured digestive aid. Charcoal is also included to absorb gases that may lead to flatulence. These treats are not only wheat-free and junk-free but also entirely natural, making them the ideal choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Packed in a perfectly sized tube, they make a great stocking filler!

10. Fresh Breath Mini Bone Treats by Pooch & Mutt

pooch and mutt promo image of treats against green background

Indulge your canine companion this Christmas with Fresh Breath Mini dog treats. Similarly to Pooch & Mutt’s Health & Digestion range, these mini bones are also hand-baked and blended to ensure your pup’s breath stays fresh.

Allowing you to share closer moments and lavish cuddles, this low-calorie recipe boasts peppermint oil for both fresh breath and digestion support.

Parsley is used as a natural deodoriser, and chicory as a natural prebiotic to address potential bad breath linked to poor digestion.

The biscuit's abrasive action serves a dual purpose, aiding in cleaning your dog's teeth as they enjoy a satisfying chew by the fireside.

Choosing the right treat for your dog

When choosing Christmas treats for your furry friend, it's crucial to consider their size, dietary needs, and preferences to ensure a delightful and safe holiday experience.
For smaller breeds, opt for treats that are appropriately sized to prevent choking hazards and make chewing more manageable.

Look for options with high-quality ingredients that align with their specific dietary requirements. Our experts recommend softer treats for senior dogs or those with dental concerns, as they can still savour the festive spirit without compromising their well-being.
For dogs with specific dietary needs, such as allergies or sensitivities, explore specialised Christmas treats that cater to their requirements.

Many brands offer grain-free, hypoallergenic, or limited-ingredient options to accommodate various dietary restrictions. Pay attention to ingredient lists, avoiding any potential allergens, and consult with your veterinarian if you're uncertain about certain ingredients.

If you're a Waggel member, you can connect to a vet in minutes by
utilising Joii, the 24/7 online vet care provider available for free to all policyholders! Simply log in to your Waggel account and visit the services page.

Lastly, take into account your dog's taste preferences - whether they enjoy savoury, sweet, or a combination of flavours - and choose treats that align with their palate to make the holiday celebrations even more enjoyable for your canine companion.


Including pets in holiday celebrations by offering them special treats is a meaningful way to enhance the festive spirit and strengthen the bond between pet and owner.

Recognising and catering to their individual preferences, dietary needs, and sizes ensures a joyous and inclusive Christmas experience for every furry family member.

Special treats contribute to the overall sense of togetherness during the holiday season, creating cherished moments and memories.

To make this Christmas extra special for your canine companions, consider trying out the recommended treats tailored to
various preferences and dietary requirements.

From delicious options suitable for dogs of all sizes to treats designed for specific
health considerations, these offerings promise to add a festive touch to your pet's holiday experience.

Share the joy with your pets and make this Christmas a memorable celebration filled with love, laughter, and tasty delights for both you and your dogs.

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