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vegan dog food is it good for dogs

Vegan Dog Food - Is It Good For Dogs?

Written by Ryan Gliozzo


Many pet parents are looking for planet friendly and health-based foods for their dog but they want to know if its the right choice. Well, read on to see the recent data on vegan pet food and the best (and most delicious ) vegan dog food in the UK!
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In the last few years, many dog owners have been researching vegan dog food and plant-based diets for their pets.

They want to know what these diets contain and how they are good for their pet's health as well as their effect on the environment. The only problem is that there has been no consensus on whether these diets are actually beneficial or nutrient-dense enough to subsist and grow.

That all changed recently. Though don’t worry - we'll be extra helpful today and explain why with our vegan dog food guide, including what our dogs have tried and the food we recommend.

We'll also impress you further and show how you can try your own discounted vegan/ vegetarian dog food with a 30% off deal. (For Waggel members only, but you can join us whenever - we'd love to help protect your pet.)

Is it healthy to feed your dog vegan food?

A dog sniffing vegetables on the counter

There have been a lot of conversations and back and forth on the health benefits of a vegan diet for dogs. The wrong diet of any kind, whether that be vegan, vegetarian, insect, raw or conventional meat-based can be dangerous. If you don't provide nutritionally dense foods to your dog, it can have vastly negative consequences.

Typical questions asked of a vegan/plant-based diet for dogs can include the lack of protein inherent in a meat-free diet as well as a lack of essential amino acids.

Plant-based food for dogs, when not nutritionally complete, can also cause vitamin or mineral deficiencies so finding a specific and well-researched diet plan is paramount.

Luckily, we live in 2022 so naturally, pet food has a wide range of tried and tested solutions for dogs who want or need to eat a more balanced diet with the help of vegan food.

But don't take our word for it, we're not scientists, but the people who studied this, such as Professor Andrew Knight, are and The Guardian has a great article based on a scientific paper which proves the health benefits of a vegan diet for dogs.

You can read it for yourself here and decide whether or not this type of food is a healthier option for your dog.

Can dogs be vegan?

A dog eating a vegetable

Dogs and cats have been domesticated for thousands of years. They were bred to live in close proximity to humans and to provide companionship.

In fact, dogs are omnivores. Yep, it’s a simple one - but a surprising number of people still think dogs are carnivores that need meat to survive. Not so: dogs have evolved over many thousands of years to digest plant-based starches and get all the nutrients they need from a plant-based diet. You can read more about the science here.

Source: Ollivier (2016, Royal Society Open Science) | Axelsson (2013, Nature)

However, some dogs and owners may choose to avoid eating meat due to allergies or other dietary preferences.

Please keep in mind that while most dogs enjoy a varied range of foods, some may struggle to adapt to a completely new diet. It's always best to ask your vet or animal nutritionist before emBARKing (see what we did there?) on a new diet plan as they will be familiar with your particular pet's health conditions.

But, as the data and research suggest, dogs can indeed enjoy and thrive from a vegan diet but only if it is nutritionally complete and transitioned into their diet. .

There are some exceptional food brands out there that offer a nutritionally complete dog food with sources of alternative protein but more on that later.

So yes, dogs can be vegan and expanding on this, the science shows that vegan dog food can:

  • Reduce arthritis

  • Help with allergies

  • Reduce hyperthyroidism

  • Fight infections

  • Improve overall health

  • More shiny coats

  • Maintain and lose weight  

That's not all. It has been known that a vegan diet for dogs can improve their poop and digestive issues.

Yes, a glamorous subject indeed. It won't stop their poo from smelling completely, but it will reduce the odour when removing meat from their diet.

What else should I consider?

As with anything, introducing a new food or diet to your dog needs to be done with care and attention. It is vital you slowly transition over from their previous diet, to their new diets so their tummy has time to adjust to the change in food. You should consider your dog's overall health, weight, and age before trying new foods. 

As we have mentioned, and feel important to reiterate, the choice of food needs to ensure it is dog-specific and nutritionally balanced as this is of paramount concern.

Making sure that it contains the essential proteins, and vitamins, while being filling enough to satisfy your pooch is also one of the main considerations.

It's also important to ask your vet before you try any drastic diet changes for your dog. They will be familiar with their health history and understand your pet if they are a picky eater or react a certain way to a specific food.

We all want to keep our dogs healthy and a diet without meat can certainly help to achieve this. Here's another study we're throwing out there for you to see the scientific stats on vegetarian dog food diets.

The Best Vegan Dog Food UK:

two dogs eating vegan dog food

Here at Waggel, we're pretty much all pet owners and we try a lot of products ourselves. This personal research helps us to introduce what we believe are the best options for your pet. 

We've recently partnered with what we think is the best provider of vegan dog food for switching your pup to a plant-based diet.

Let us proudly introduce THE PACK. A company for dog people and planet people.

Like protectors of the furry realm, these dog food superheroes offer plant-based healthy meals for your lucky doggo.

Nutritionally complete and balanced, science-based, and most importantly a delicious flavour (according to my dog especially), it's sure to keep your fluffer on the path to health.

But what does it contain? Well, we're glad you asked, so here's a list of how nutritionally complete this food really is:

  • Papaya - To aid digestion

  • Kale - Contains all kinds of vitamins  

  • Lupin Beans - For overall gut health  

  • Pea Protein - Plant-based protein to keep any doggy's strength up to any task.  

  • Butternut Squash - Excellent source of fibre  

  • Broccoli - Containing bone calcium  

  • Blueberries - A superfood for immunity  

  • Hemp Seeds - Excellent to promote joint health  

  • Algal Oil - Containing omega 3 and 9 for joint and skin health  

  • Brewer's Yeast - A B-vitamin powerhouse  

  • Sunflower Seeds - To aid skin and coat shine  

  • Blackberries - For an energy boost    

So THE PACK offers meals which are good for your dog in terms of health and taste as well as being great for the planet with a low environmental impact.

What flavours do they have?

3 tins of THE PACK dog food in different flavours

THE PACK currently offers 3 meals which we're sure your dog will love. These are No-Moo-Ragu, No-Cluck Casserole, and No-Fishy Dishy. You can check these out here. We know our dog loves them, and we think yours will too. So why not give them a try?

And remember, with Waggel pet insurance you're not only getting amazing coverage for your pet, but we also have some money-saving rewards and benefits for the both of you.

With Waggel, you save 30% off THE PACK dog food so that's another reason to join us if you haven't already.


The first thing we want to say is that your dog will absolutely love a vegan diet if you order with THE PACK. They are very adaptable animals, and if you give them what they need, they will thrive on it!
If you are looking for a healthy way of eating for your dog, then a vegan diet may be perfect for you.
It's important to note though, that not all dogs can eat such a diet and it's always worth asking your vet or animal nutritionist before changing their food.
So that's it for today. If you're a pet parent and you are looking for more valuable information and tips on the best products for living life with your little fluffer, then check back soon or sign up for our content updates below to get the latest info on all things pet related. 

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