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Cat Calming Plug-In - What Are They and Do They Work?

Written by Steph McCulloch


Cats can feel stressed by various situations and one of the most recommended treatment methods is a cat-calming plug-in. These plug-in diffusers are a fantastic way to minimise anxiety and stressful times and can get your kitty feeling content in just a short while.
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It’s an undeniable fact that our lives are busy, especially when we’re juggling work life, family life, hobbies, and pets. Whilst this can be exciting, it can also be difficult at times leading to stressful situations and anxiety. But whilst we know what can be done to manage this, what about our pets?

Do they feel stressed? And are there any remedies out there that work to reduce feelings of anxiety?

Cats can feel stressed by various situations and one of the most recommended treatment methods is a cat-calming plug-in. These plug-in diffusers are a fantastic way to minimise anxiety and stressful times and can get your kitty feeling content in just a short while.

Below we’re going to discuss in more detail what cat-calming plug-ins are and how they work to help anxious felines.

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Why does a cat need calming products?

Humans aren’t the only ones who get stressed, you know! Whilst they don’t have big workloads or meetings, cats can have nervous dispositions and can often experience separation anxiety from their owners showing many of the same signs that are also seen in dogs.

Whilst every cat has a beautiful and unique personality, the general signs of feline separation anxiety include:

  • Eating too fast or not eating anything 

  • Meowing…a lot 

  • Self-grooming…a lot

  • Trying to escape from your home

  • Destroying furniture 

  • Sudden bursts of excitement when you return home

  • Vomiting hairballs or food 

  • Crying

  • Doing their business outside of the litter box

Cats can develop separation anxiety at any point in their lives or could experience an episode of anxiety after moving house, living with another pet or child, being spooked by fireworks or by having a fight with another cat, the list goes on.

It’s also important to remember that not all of the above signs relate directly to anxiety. Although it can be slightly annoying when your cat pees in your shoe, they often do this to mix their scent with yours and communicate something with you.

Similar to us humans, there’s no one reason why cats feel anxious, sometimes they just do!

When your cat feels anxious, investing in calming products can really help. From plug-ins to catnip, the world is your oyster. But before you bite the bullet and add a cat-calming plug-in to your shopping basket, you’ll want to know how they work right?

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Do calming plug-ins work for cats?

Cat plug-ins are part of a treatment programme called pheromone therapy. If you notice your cat displaying unusual or worrying behaviour we recommend making an appointment with your vet immediately.

If you are a Waggel member, you can take advantage of 24/7 online virtual vet care provided through Joii. Simply download the app and connect to a vet in minutes.

There are many ways you can help your cat using pheromone therapy, with the most recommended being plug-in cat pheromone diffusers as they are less maintenance than other options.

Other cat pheromone therapy techniques include:

  • Pheromone sprays that are sprayed onto your cat’s bed or on their favourite toy or blanket.

  • Rubbing your cat’s cheek or head with a cotton cloth to collect their scent then rubbing this on cat-height furniture and objects in your home such as table legs and sofas. This has to be performed a few times a day.

  • Pheromone wipes that can be wiped over objects your cat comes into contact with on a daily basis.  

Plug-ins are often the best solution for an anxious cat as they are simple to use and don’t require you to repeat the same action multiple times a day.

Plug-ins are clever calming devices that work by slowly releasing artificial pheromones that humans can’t smell but cats can. These pheromones help your cat to feel safe and secure, easing feelings of stress and easing cat anxiety.

They can be purchased in supermarkets, pet stores, and online, and work by simply being plugged into a socket and switched on.

As every cat is different, so there’s no set timeline for when you’ll start to see improvements. Whilst some cat owners may see immediate changes within a few days, others may have to wait around a week or so.

It’s also important to note that plug-ins aren’t a total solution for anxiety. We recommend working closely with your vet to determine the cause of your cat’s worry and using plug-ins as an additional form of treatment.

Best cat calming plug-in UK

In today’s day and age, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of pet products on the market. We’re here to make it easier and have sourced the top 3 cat-calming plug-ins in the UK.

1. Pet Remedy Calming Kit

The Pet Remedy Calming Kit includes everything your cat needs to relieve stress. Not only does it include a plug-in pheromone diffuser but a calming spray and pet-safe wipes to help your furry friend feel better.

Pet Remedy uses a unique formula of essential oils that have been clinically proven to alleviate stress in both dogs and cats.

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2. Feliway Optimum

The Feliway Optimum plug-in is designed exclusively for cats of any age and has not only been proven to reduce anxiety but improve harmony in your home at the same time.

With an innovative mix of pheromones, the Feliway Optimum is only perceptible to cats meaning other animals in your household will be completely unaffected.

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3. Feliway Diffuser

Another popular choice in the Feliway family is the Feliway Diffuser. This original product contains a synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromone F3.

The Feliway Diffuser is perfect for the run-up to a big event or change in your cat’s life. Simply plug in about a week before the event and continue to use it for at least 4 weeks afterwards. Like the Feliway Optimum, it’s also perfect for long-term use if your cat suffers from anxiety.

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Calming plug-ins for cats could just be what you’re looking for if you’ve noticed your cat looking a bit stressed lately. However, as always, please consult your veterinarian before beginning any new treatments or if you notice a sudden change in your cat’s behaviour.

Once you’ve determined the cause of your cat’s anxiety, a cat-calming plug-in could really help to make all the difference in your cat’s environment helping them to not just feel more content but harmonious - improving the bond you share.

Plug-ins work by releasing artificial pheromones that mimic your cat’s natural hormones making them feel more comfortable and secure. They are odourless to humans and don’t cause irritation either - having been thoroughly tried and tested by teams of vets.

With no sedatives, tranquilising effects, or strange side effects, buying a plug-in to calm your cat could just be exactly what you both need to ease anxiety and get back on the road to happy harmony.

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