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Everything you need to know to find your perfect Cockapoo.
Getting a new puppy is as exciting as it can be terrifying; it's a big responsibility and reliable information can be hard to find. We've tried to maximise the fun and minimise the terror.



Given the mixture of Cocker Spaniels and Poodles, genetics has a major influence on both the coat type and the size of your cockapoo.

What the ‘F’ is this all about?
First generation crossbreed, meaning a Cocker Spaniel and Poodle bred litter.


The genetics of a Cockapoo will influence their type of coat; whether it is non-shedding, curly, and its hypo-allergenic nature. You will need to consider which coat suits your lifestyle.


Cockapoos come in a range of colour variations dependent on their Poodle or Cocker Spaniel parents. The most popular or associated colours are apricot, red and blonde.

Apricot. Blonde. Black. Red. Chocolate.

Within these colour categories you also have markings that range from:


The Cocker Spaniel (American, Working, etc) are all medium sized dogs hence the size is predominately based on the type of poodle heritage.

Toy Poodle
Miniature Poodle
Standard Poodle

Let's Talk About Cost

You’ve figured out the look and size of your Cockapoo, now for the tricky part in finding the right pup!

Where to purchase
Through a dedicated breeder
Reseller websites (Pets4homes, etc.)
£400 - £3,000
Rescue Home
£300 - £600
You can expect to pay a £200 deposit to be added to a breeders waiting list. The average waiting list can be up to a year, but could be as short as a month depending on litter availability. That means you need to get on the phone and start calling breeders.

Ready to Meet Your Cockapoo?

To help you out we have put together a list of Cockapoo breeders throughout the UK. Pop in your email below and we’ll send you our directory of Cockapoo breeders, including some cockapoo groups around the UK.

Already Found Your Cockapoo?

It's important to consider on-going costs when getting a dog so that you can be confident your new best friend will be well looked after and you won't be in for any nasty surprises.

Pet insurance is one of those costs, so we've put together a short breakdown of what you can expect in regards to cost and coverage.

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