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flea combs for cats how to use

Flea Combs for Cats - How to Use and What's Best?

Written by Steph McCulloch


Is your cat itching and scratching a lot? Or are they nibbling at their arms? We don’t want to cause mass panic but it could be a sign of fleas. Without the correct treatment, your kitty could face more serious problems than an annoying itch.


Is your cat itching and scratching a lot? Or are they nibbling at their arms? We don’t want to cause mass panic but it could be a sign of fleas. Without the correct treatment, your kitty could face more serious problems than an annoying itch.

However, with a good flea comb, you can quickly identify these little pests and treat them effectively with no drama. To help you decide on the best flea comb out there, because trust us, there’s a lot, we’ve put together this handy guide.

Should I use a flea comb on my cat?

woman using flea comb on a cat

Using a flea comb on your cat can not only help them to be flea-free but can help you to develop a closer bond. 

Flea combs are grooming tools that are designed to fit close to your hand so you can groom your cat. They have fine teeth usually made from plastic or metal to trap fleas, eggs, and dirt.

Most vets recommend daily grooming with a flea comb to keep any pests at bay but effective grooming requires the right kind of comb. All flea combs should be fine-toothed so they can check for fleas and dirt as well as have the ability to remove dead hair.

Most cats love being groomed by their owners and doing so from an early age can help them to feel safe and secure. Though you are checking for fleas, you’re also engaging in a bonding activity with your kitty, how sweet.

How do you use a flea comb on a cat?

A man combing a cat with a flea comb

So you’ve got a flea comb but what next? Knowing where to begin can be tricky, especially when your comb is a bit spiky!

Before using your flea comb, try and brush your cat to remove any mats. This will make it easier to locate fleas and will stop the comb from getting stuck in your cat’s fur. 

Whilst most cats like the feeling of being brushed because it reminds them of a maternal bond, some don’t, so keep an eye on your cat’s body language in case they’re trying to tell you something.

To begin, always comb in the direction of the fur. It’s best to have a bowl of water around so you can dip the comb in and out after every few strokes. This will help to remove any fleas and eggs that have been trapped.

Do this several times until you find no further presence of fleas. This can also be done in conjunction with other flea products such as a flea shampoo or flea spray to have the best chance of removing them all.

Any decent pet parent wants to destroy these little nuisances before they can profligate so be sure to wash the brush, especially the metal teeth with warm soapy water to kill the flea and destroy any flea eggs. Eggs and 'flea dirt' can get caught between the rows of teeth in the brush so having some hot water with soap by your side will certainly serve you well.

What is the best flea comb for cats?

Safari flea comb

Like lots of pet grooming products, there are quite a few on the market! Fear not as we’re here to recommend the best ones - saving you lots of hassle and precious time.

Flea combs are fairly inexpensive and can be bought from any pet store. The Safari Cat Flea Comb is one of the most popular and for very good reason. With two sets of teeth made from stainless steel, the Safari won’t scratch. It also features an extended handle so you can really get to grips with catching those nasty fleas.

This comb is also rust-resistant meaning once you’ve purchased it, you’ll own a very trusty comb for years to come. It’s also great to use on cats of all ages and with various types of fur.

Volila Flea Comb

Our second recommendation is the Volila Flea Comb. With a comfortable, ergonomic handle and hole to hang up, the Volila comb makes for a great grooming experience and can help you quickly locate and destroy any pesky fleas.

Wondering about flea combs for kittens? Most combs on the market are suitable for kittens though you must take care and be gentle with their delicate skin! If in doubt, check with your veterinarian before beginning any combing. 

Electric flea comb for cats

zero in electric flea comb

If you’re looking for an alternative to a traditional flea comb for cats, an electric flea comb might be right up your alley.

Electric flea combs work in the same way a manual flea comb does but instead do all of the hard work for you. Whilst you still use the comb in pretty much the same way, it takes some of the stress out of searching through your pet's fur by electronically removing all fleas, eggs, and debris.

Electronic flea combs are also usually silent and will buzz only when they find a pest. This is super helpful if your cat is a bit nervous or not a fan of loud noises.

The most highly recommended electric flea comb is the Zero In Electric Flea Comb. Zero In produces a wide range of flea control solutions to help protect pets. They also produce solutions to help flea infestations in the home.

Their Flea Killer Comb, for use on both cats and dogs, works by delivering an electrical charge that is totally harmless to any animal but will remove fleas in an instant without any fuss and bother. 


Combing your cat for fleas not only helps to rid them of little nasties but can also help you both to develop an unbreakable bond. When it comes to picking a flea comb, you’re really spoiled for choice!

From traditional styles to electric combs, whatever your preference, always conduct a little research beforehand to make sure the comb you choose is suitable for your cat. 

It’s often a good idea to read previous reviews from other customers who can give honest feedback about a particular product.

When you receive your flea comb, don’t forget to brush gently and slowly in the direction of the fur. Otherwise, you could have one angry kitty on your hands. Doing so will also help your beady eyes to spot as many fleas as possible.

Getting your cat used to grooming from a young age will majorly help during times when it’s necessary. It’s also just a preventative step to take to ensure things don’t get worse.

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