finding your soul pet

Finding Your Soul Pet

Written by Steph McCulloch


Discover how to find your soul pet and build a deep, lasting bond. Explore tips on where to look, how to recognise the connection and ways to nurture your special relationship.
A man holding a ginger kitten by his face.


Finding a soul pet is a journey filled with deep connections and transformative experiences. A soul pet is more than just a companion; they become an integral part of your life, offering unconditional love, intuitive understanding and unwavering support when you need it most.

In this article, we're exploring what a soul pet is, how to identify and find them if you haven’t already met them and how to build and nurture a bond that enriches both of your lives. Whether you’re searching for a new friend or looking to deepen the connection with your current pet, these insights will help you discover the magic of a soul pet relationship and how to appreciate it in all its glory.

What is a soul pet and how do you know you’ve found yours?

A soul pet is a unique animal with whom an individual shares an extraordinarily deep and profound bond. This connection transcends the typical affection most people feel for their pets, touching on aspects of mutual understanding, emotional support and an intuitive relationship that can, at times, feel almost telepathic. You may have already met your soul pet but didn’t realise that the special bond you share has a name.

Unlike a regular pet-owner relationship dynamic, the bond between an owner and their soul pet is characterised by a sense of kinship and an unspoken communication that makes the pet feel like a true companion in every sense.

What sets a soul pet apart is their ability to profoundly impact their owner's life. They often provide significant emotional or psychological support, helping their owner navigate through challenging times with their comforting presence. This relationship is marked by unconditional love and loyalty, with the pet demonstrating an unwavering devotion that feels almost spiritual. The bond with a soul pet is often life-changing, offering a sense of fulfilment and joy that is deeply enriching for both the pet and the owner.

Two men crouching down to stroke a white fluffy dog.

Finding a soul pet

When searching for a new pet, it’s easy to get swept up in obsessing over the first puppy you lay eyes on - but are you taking the time to connect with the possibility of them once they’re more than a puppy? Can you imagine a life with them by your side or are you unable to see past the puppy stage? Taking the time to recognise what you want from a pet including what qualities you think will compliment yours is a sensible decision. This means you might also take a step back from choosing a puppy entirely and instead opt for adopting a pet that already has an established personality and set of quirks. Oftentimes, these animals make the best soul pets as when you find the one for you, it’s almost as if the stars have aligned.

Whether you believe in destiny or not, finding a soul pet is not always something that happens instantly. We’ve likely all witnessed viral videos of people feeling drawn to certain animals in shelters and having an immediate bond. Whilst this is an incredible example of the innate human and animal connection there’s also nothing wrong with taking time to appreciate the connection you share with your new pet but knowing it’ll be a relationship that flourishes over time and one that needs to be gently nurtured to go deeper.

Choosing to enhance the relationship with your pet even further can be what it takes for you to get to the level where you feel almost intuitively understood. And the good news is, this can happen at any age. Whilst it's true for some people that this connection is an immediate response (and that’s great), for others, it can take time - especially if the pet you're bringing home has suffered at the hands of abuse and neglect, is anxious, reactive or very timid.

Just knowing you’ve got the patience and understanding to give your new pet the best life possible is all it takes. If they are from a difficult background, you’re probably one of the few people they’ve met so far who’ve shown them true affection and kindness meaning when they open up to you fully, the bond you share is likely to be a sacred one.

A white and ginger cat putting his paw on his owner's face.

Enhancing your current relationship

Building a strong bond with your pet should be a continuous effort. However, it’s easy to get caught up in routines or become busy with work, which might make you feel like whilst you're satisfying their needs, you’re not giving your pet the true attention they deserve. Luckily, there are many ways to show your pet you care.

If you have a dog, taking them on a dedicated day out is a great place to begin. If they’re social, why not take them to a meet-up where they can play and make friends with other dogs? It also gives you the opportunity to talk to other owners and share your experiences. If they’re a more independent dog, you could plan to take them to their favourite place in nature, whether that be at the beach or a national park.

Another simple way you can show up for your pet is to stock up on special foods and treats. This applies to both cats and dogs and ensures they’re able to enjoy their favourite snacks regularly, making them feel loved and appreciated. Taking the time to do small things for them like fluffing up their beds and making sure they have an extra blanket or two in winter demonstrates the love you feel for your companion.

Other things you can do include just spending quality, one one-on-one time together at home. Even if your pet isn’t particularly cuddly, just being near one another can help them to feel calm and soothed ultimately enhancing the bond you share.

My personal experience

I consider my current dog, Freddie, to be my soul pet. From the moment I met him, I knew we had something special. He was terrified, nervous and very shy - I knew I had to take him with me and offer him his forever home. I often wonder if I hadn’t taken him home that day where he’d be now.

It took a very long time for Freddie to come out of his shell after a shaky start to life but when he did, the love he gave was exponential. I felt like I’d gained a new best friend, it was like we had some sort of unspoken language and understood one another. I think I was the only person he could trust for the first time in a very long time.

Though I’d grown up with dogs and loved every second of it, I always wondered what the dog I would have as an adult would be like. I wanted them to give me space when I needed it but always be somewhat close by, sleep on my bed every night and show lots of affection.

Fortunately, Freddie ticked every box and more.

I now know from one look what he’s thinking or trying to ask me, whether it’s for food, a lift up onto the bed, or a walk - I just feel like I can understand him and he can understand me. This relationship is unlike anything I’ve experienced before and I hope that everyone gets the chance to find a soul pet at least once in this life.

Two men holding puppies.

Where to find your soul pet

It can feel a bit daunting trying to find a pet you connect deeply with as bringing home any new addition is a huge responsibility, but I also believe this doesn’t have to be just limited to one animal. I think you can find soul pets in multiple places to serve you at different parts of your life.

If you’re ready to open up your world to a new pet, consider visiting a local adoption or rehoming centre.

They’ll often ask you to fill out an application form thoroughly detailing your wants and needs before finding a few dogs or cats that match what you’re looking for. This way you’re not just basing your choice off of physical appearance and can instead be matched with a pet whose personality is very likely to compliment yours resulting in a rewarding and magical experience.


Soul pets are much more than just companions; they are true partners in our emotional and spiritual lives. Their loyalty, intuitive support and unconditional love highlight the profound connections that go beyond words. Whether it's the gentle purr of a cat or the calming presence of a dog, these pets bring immeasurable joy and comfort to us when we need it most.

Take a moment to reflect on the pets you've known and loved. Think about the comfort they've provided during tough times and the happiness they've brought into your life. If you haven't experienced this unique bond, consider opening your heart and home to a soul pet. The love and companionship they offer might be the transformative experience you didn't know you needed.

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