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Cat Microchip Cost UK - What Is the Average Price to Microchip My Cat?

Written by Steph McCulloch


Microchipping cats is essential for their safety and well-being. It serves as a reliable way to locate them if they wander away from home. It's a quick procedure , with the microchip implant placed under the skin.
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As cat owners, we know that our friends can be quite adventurous and curious, sometimes exploring places they shouldn't be. That's where pet microchipping comes to the rescue - consider it a tiny GPS for our whiskered companions. Many microchip companies offer this service.

Microchipping cats is essential for their safety and well-being. It serves as a reliable way to locate them if they wander away from home. It's a quick procedure, with the microchip implant placed under the skin. In the UK, the average cost of microchipping a cat ranges from £10 to £30 though it can depend on a variety of factors. This small expense ensures that our beloved feline friends can be easily reunited with us, providing peace of mind and safeguarding them for a lifetime.

The cost of microchipping a cat in the UK

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The average cost of microchipping of cats in the UK is around £14.50, based on a survey of vets across the country. However, keep in mind that prices can vary depending on the vet visit and the specific services they offer. Some vets may provide microchipping services for as low as £9.95, while others might charge up to £30 for the procedure.

Now, let's discuss the additional cost of a Biotherm microchip. This advanced microchip not only serves as a means of identification for your cat but also includes a temperature-measuring feature. It allows you to monitor your feline friend's temperature remotely, which can be beneficial for 
keeping track of their health. However, the Biotherm microchip typically comes with a higher price tag compared to a standard microchip implant at a minimum of around £18.

Biotherm microchips are injected in the same way as a regular microchip, under the loose skin between the shoulder blades by a vet nurse or a vet. It is a painless microchip implantation procedure that requires no recovery time and is basically like a vaccination!

In conclusion, microchipping your cat is a responsible and proactive step to ensure their safety and help you reunite with them if they ever get lost. Whether you choose the standard microchip or opt for the added benefits of a Biotherm microchip, the investment is worth the peace of mind of knowing your furry companion is protected.

The importance of microchipping your cat

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Microchipping cats brings along a bundle of benefits, and one of the most significant advantages is the increased chance of being reunited with a lost or stolen feline friend. The benefits of microchips are manifold, and there are many negatives for cats without microchips.

Imagine this scenario: Your beloved cat slips out through an open door or wanders a bit too far from home, and you're left feeling worried sick. But fear not, with a pet microchip, the odds of getting your pet back skyrocket.

Each microchip implant carries unique microchip details, such as a unique ID linked to your contact details in a national pet microchipping database. So, if someone finds your lost kitty, a quick scan from a microchip reader at the vet or an animal shelter will reveal their identity, and voila! You're soon to be reunited with your whiskered friend.

In England, the government has taken the lead in ensuring our pet’s safety. By the 10th of June 2024, it's going to be a legal requirement for all pet cats in England to be microchipped. This compulsory microchipping is fantastic news because it means more people will be taking their cats for microchips and will have the chance to find their way back home and to their families if they ever wander off.

So, all in all, microchipping your cat is a smart move that provides peace of mind and increased odds of reuniting with your four-legged family member if they ever go on a solo adventure. It's a small investment that ensures the safety and welfare of your precious pet. Remember, after the chip is inserted, it's important to register the microchip details with a microchip database company to ensure your pet's information is readily available. So, make sure to ask your vet about this on your next visit.

Did you know all Waggel members get free access to PetDatabase, a national compliant pet database containing the details of microchipped pets with a UK-wise lost pet service? But that’s not all, Waggel members also get free, unlimited access to Joii - the 24/7 online vet care provider offering consultations and treatment any time of day.


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Microchipping your cat is a smart and responsible choice that brings numerous benefits.

Firstly, it greatly enhances the chances of reuniting with your furry companion if they ever wander off or get lost. It acts like a personal identification card for your cat, storing your contact information in a national database. So, in the unfortunate event that your adventurous kitty goes on an escapade alone, a visit to the vet or a shelter can reveal their identity, leading to a happy reunion.

Secondly, microchipping is gaining importance in the legal sphere as well. In England, it will be compulsory for all pet cats to be microchipped by the 10th of June 2024. This step underscores the significance of ensuring our feline friends' safety and well-being. Pet owners who don’t comply with microchipping regulations could face a fine of up to £500.

If you could provide your pet with extra security, you’d do it, right? Especially if that pet is a cat that goes off on their own exploring every day! If you’ve been debating getting your cat microchipped, consider this your sign - before it’s too late. A quick chat with your vet means you can gain price expectations without any hassle. Once you’ve gained a better understanding of cat microchipping prices in your local area, you’ll be able to book your cat in for their super quick appointment. 

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How much does it cost to microchip a cat?

The cost of microchipping a cat in the UK can range from £9.95 up to £30, with an average cost of around £14.50. A Biotherm microchip, which tracks your cat’s temperature, costs around a minimum of £18.

Is it worth microchipping your cat?

Yes, microchipping your cat gives them the best chance of being identified and returned to you if they are lost or stolen. It is also becoming a legal requirement in England from the 10th of June 2024.

What age can a cat be microchipped?

There is no minimum age to have your cat microchipped. Many kittens are microchipped at the same time as being spayed or neutered. However, it will be compulsory to have your cat microchipped from 20 weeks of age in England from the 10th of June 2024.

How long does a microchip take to heal?

The microchipping procedure is quick and painless. There is no need for 'recovery' from the procedure and it won't cause your cat any discomfort or pain.

Do cats feel pain after a microchip?

No, the procedure to microchip your cat is no more painful than getting an injection. Your cat is unlikely to feel any discomfort or pain after the procedure.

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