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Antiseptic Cream for Dogs - Can I Use Antiseptic Cream?

Written by Ryan Gliozzo


If your poor pooch has a scrape or abrasion, you might be worrying about what to do. Don't fret though, Waggel is here to help with our handy guide to antiseptic creams for dogs.
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Antiseptic creams (and sprays, and gels oh my!) for dogs are now widely available in pet stores and online. They can be used to treat a minor wound such as abrasions, cuts, or irritated skin that may not require veterinary attention.

Antiseptic creams work by preventing bacteria from attaching and growing on wounds. They should not be used on large areas of the skin (such as face and body) or large wounds. This is not sunscreen, folks.

These products are relatively inexpensive considering the benefits they offer. The antiseptic ingredient in these creams is either an antibiotic or an acid that kills bacteria.

There are many different types of antiseptic cream available on the market. Some are specifically made for dogs, while others can be used on both dogs and humans. It is important to know which cream is best for your pet and how to use it safely.

What are antiseptic creams for dogs?

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What is antiseptic cream? Antiseptic cream is a cream or ointment used to treat skin infections and rashes, and to stop bacteria and infection if your unlucky pup has a bite wound. It is usually applied to the skin and rubbed in to kill the bacteria.

There are different antiseptic creams available in the UK for dogs. Some are specifically designed to be used on dogs, while others can be used on other animals as well. It is important to choose a cream that is specifically designed for use on dogs or animals, as some of the other creams may not be effective on them and could cause irritation or be dangerous if ingested.

Always seek veterinary care and advice if your dog has a rash, graze, cut, or bite and especially before using any new medical product.

How to use antiseptic cream for dogs

To use antiseptic cream for dogs, first, wash your dog's skin with soap and a little warm water. Make sure to dry the skin well. Apply the cream to the affected area, making sure to cover all of the skin. Rub the cream in well. Repeat as necessary.

If your dog tries to lick the cream off, you may want to opt for another cream which is formulated to help prevent licking.

Can I use Savlon on dogs?

A Savlon box

In certain circumstances, you may need to use antiseptic cream on your pet. Savlon's Antiseptic cream is a form of topical medication that can be used for minor-wound care and cuts. It helps with the healing process and prevents infections from developing.

If there is a scrape or cut on your dog's skin, you should be able to use this over-the-counter antiseptic cream as a one-off. This will help keep them free of infection while healing.

Note: This should only be done in small applications as it is not meant for dogs. Ingesting large amounts of Savlon can be dangerous for dogs, so it's best to opt for a dog-specific antiseptic when possible. Apply carefully and sparingly if you decide to use it on your pet.

Can I use Sudocrem on dogs?

This is a question that keeps popping up, so before you go lathering your pup with globs of cream, read on.

Sudocrem is a cream which is available at any pharmacy or most shops and can be bought over the counter for a very reasonable price. It is a popular first aid product, with many applications from insect bites and rashes, to an effective 'light wounds treatment'.

The answer to the question is yes, with moderation. It is safe to use Sudocrem on dogs in small quantities.

A dog's skin can be a breeding ground for bacteria, which can cause all sorts of problems from minor skin irritation to major infections. This cream is an excellent antibacterial ointment which will help heal skin infections or irritations and prevent new ones from developing by killing the bacteria that cause them.

Please note that the active ingredient zinc oxide is harmful to dogs if ingested in large quantities. It is also extremely toxic to birds so keep them away from the product at all times. Ask your vet before you apply anything to your dog, as they will be familiar with their particular health history.

Choosing the right cream

 It’s quite common for puppies and other dogs to be treated with antiseptic creams. In any case, it’s important to know what types of antiseptic creams are safe for dogs. 

There are many different types of creams, with each one containing its own ingredients, strengths and fragrances.

Some creams may also have varying applications, from treating minor burns, scrapes, and rashes, to helping heal tissue traumas.

If you notice skin irritation or your dog is scratching a lot, this could be due to another condition such as ticks, or other parasitic infections so it's best to seek veterinary advice if this is the case.

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Allergies may be a problem with certain creams - especially if your dog already has skin problems. Look out for any skin reactions after applying a new type of treatment to your dog. It's always best to choose clinically proven - hypoallergenic treatments or natural products as highlighted below.

That's why there are a few products we would recommend based on reviews and what has the best track record of safety and success.


Leucillin spray promo image

Leucillin Natural Antiseptic Spray is one of the leading antibacterial products for animals. It is also an anti-viral and can be used in anti-fungal treatments. The main attraction is that Leucillin uses its own natural, proprietary ingredient as an antiseptic.

This special ingredient is Hypochlorous. This is a naturally occurring chemical in the mammalian body that acts to kill harmful bacteria. It is 300 times more effective than bleach and is therefore recommended as an antiseptic for pets.

In order to achieve a high rate of bacterial cell survival, a 99.9% kill rate is not sufficient. Leucillin contains an extra-strength formula, which kills 99.99999%, to ensure that not one pathogen cell survives.

Anicura Skin Care - For Dry And Damaged Skin

Jack Russel Anicura promo image

If your best furry friend is suffering from dry and damaged skin, you want to act fast to prevent bacterial infection, while healing them good as new.

Anicura Dog Gel is composed of natural ingredients that help you heal and nurture dry and damaged skin. The soothing mix of sea buckthorn and apple cider vinegar moisturises and soothes the skin, promoting a clear appearance and quick recovery of the damaged area while helping to prevent bacteria.

The all-natural gel contains essential nutrients that nourish and refresh your dog's skin for normal functioning. Sea buckthorn oil and apple cider vinegar are key ingredients in the gel that help nourish and restore your skin back to health.

Benefits include:

  • The gel forms a soft layer over the skin to provide deep nourishment

  • Contains apple cider vinegar to maintain healthy skin

  • Safe if accidentally ingested

  • Omega-rich formula for calming & soothing of the skin

  • Easy application for more sensitive areas like the face wrinkles & paws

Antimicrobial skin cleansers

Antimicrobial Skin Cleansers are made to kill bacteria and their effects on the skin. These cleansers vary in their ingredients, which can include alcohol, chlorhexidine gluconate, benzalkonium chloride, triclosan, or erythromycin.

Hibiscrub chlorhexidine gluconate is an antimicrobial Skin Cleanser that dispatches and gets rid of bacteria. It is a cheap and effective way to cleanse your dog's skin and is generally recommended by vets.

You can use an antimicrobial skin cleanser like Hibiscrub chlorhexidine gluconate to clean your dog's skin or to treat light wounds.


Antiseptic cream is applied to cuts, scrapes or burns on the skin to prevent infection.

You can use many over-the-counter remedies for skin irritations and rashes in your dog. However, there are so many natural and safe products available on the market, however, we would recommend buying one of the Leucillin range of antiseptic creams and gels.

If your veterinarian recommends antiseptic creams for your dog, then you might find that different types work best for different pets: depending on their size and coat type, some dogs have more sensitive skin than others.

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