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Issue 1

Mental Health.

From the editor

The mental health discussion has come a long way over the last decade, from fringe conversations between the most adversely affected to another tick box on the corporate social responsibility check-list. It may be the most universal of all topics, affecting not only those who consider themselves sufferers, either of a specific disorder or more generally, but even those who consider themselves to be the most happy and untroubled. Mental health is a uniquely personal topic, unique to each individual and that’s why with our first issue of Zine, we aren’t looking to define or comment on mental health at large, but instead share our own personal experiences with mental health and how our pets have influenced them along with some useful discussion to hopefully inspire you to consider what it means for you, and what role your pet can play in helping you live a happier, healthier life.
Ross Fretten

In this Issue

We’ve partnered with brands to offer Waggel members exclusive rewards hand-selected to give you a little help with your own mental health. Discover them in each story of Zine.