Lifetime pet insurance for your dogs and catsLifetime pet insurance for your dogs and cats

Lifetime pet insurance for your dogs and cats

Unlimited free vet video calls, dental cover as standard and the only pet insurer to give you free behaviour consultations

Why choose a Waggel Pet Insurance policy?

Highly rated
Recommended by 97% of customers (
No paper forms, no silly questions. Claim in seconds and track your claim in real time, plus support from a personal Customer Champion
Giving back to charity
Every policy you buy helps us support animal charities

Pet insurance that’s super easy, super fast and super comprehensive

The Future of Pet Insurance, without the usual B.S!

We are committed to providing our members with the best pet insurance from quote to claim and everything in between. We provide value in the months you aren't claiming with a bespoke membership platform with exclusive offers and support for you and your pet.
We only offer comprehensive lifetime pet insurance policies that include £10,000 cover for vet fees, £1000 cover for dental treatment, and £1000 for loss or theft, and £2,000,000 for third party liabilty.
Get insured in minutes and submit a claim online in seconds. Full insurance claims support from a dedicated personal Customer Champion and track your claims online in real time.
Customise your policy for the cover and pricing that suits you! Adjust your pet insurance maximum coverage anywhere between £1000 - £10,000 and choose the amount of claim contribution (otherwise known as ‘insurance excess’) that you want to pay, starting at £0 and up to a maximum of £250. The levels of maximum coverage and claims contribution you choose affect the premium you are quoted.

Members’ benefits

Our small friends deserve big luxury, so we offer exclusive benefits on hand-picked products, services, and experiences to help you and your pet live your best life.

Free video calls with vets, 24 hours a day.

We know as new pet owners, even the quietest sneeze can be scary. This is why all members have free access to online vet consultations, 24/7.

In partnership with

Free consultations with a dog behaviour and nutrition specialist.

Unless you’re Dr. Dolittle, understanding your pup can be a bit of a struggle at times. That’s why we offer all members free consultations with our behaviour and nutrition specialist, Junior of Heal the Dog, who has over 10 years of experience.

Hand-picked rewards for you and your pet.

A constantly evolving selection of unique and exclusive perks and rewards, which give you value even when you aren’t claiming.

What makes Waggel Pet Insurance different?

We provide pet insurance that is there for you throughout the entirety of your pet’s life - whether you need to claim or not. You will have access to our bespoke membership platform which contains dozens of offers and discounts for you and your pet. This includes discounts of cat and dog food, treatments for fleas and worming plus plenty of accessories to pamper your pet.
The only UK pet insurance policy that offers free behavioural consultations for all our members. Junior Hudson, of Heal the Dog, is a Canine Dietary & Integrative Wellness Consultant, simply put, this means he specialises in dog behaviour, nutrition and holistic health.
We are cutting the B.S from the notoriously confusing, stuffy and boring pet insurance world and re-imagining it with our new simple and enjoyable experience, set to empower the new generation of pet owners. Everything we design, create and offer is as simple and easy as possible; the language we use on our websites and forms; the design of our sign-up/claims process and all our policy wording.
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Pet insurance for your dogs and cats

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