Pet Insurance re-imagined for our generationPet Insurance re-imagined for our generation

Pet insurance re-
imagined for our

Forget hold music, paperwork and "gotcha" clauses, our single policy is designed to give pet owners everything they need, at a fair price, with no hidden nasties.


Why Waggel?

Ignore what you know about pet insurance. Waggel’s policy is all-inclusive and could save you thousands over your pet’s lifetime. We cover dental, hip issues, cancer, and other costly conditions to ensure you have optimum peace of mind.

Tesco Premier
Petplan Covered for Life ®
Typical Condition-Based Policy
Tesco Premier
Petplan Covered for Life ®
Typical Condition Based Policy
Reocurring conditions
Perks & discounts unique to your pet
24/7 video vet
Brand dependent
Fully digital claims
Track claims in real-time
Access to your personal claims handler
Online behaviour consultations
Supports a charity of your choosing
Payment for loss, theft or death

Lifetimecost comparison

Below is an example of how much it may cost to insure a dog over its lifetime, comparing typical condition-based pet insurance to Waggel’s policy.

A typical condition based policy
You pay
You pay
They pay
Waggel’s policy
You pay
We pay
You pay
We pay

What we cover

Waggel is here to make your life easier, not harder. And we know you hate nasty surprises, either on the carpet or hidden away in an insurance policy. That’s why Waggel is uncomplicated and all-inclusive.

Some of the things that we get asked most frequently about that are included in our policy...

  • Diabetes
  • Theft & Loss
  • Cancer
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Most insurers make the claims process a mystery so complicated it would stump Sherlock Holmes. We don’t believe in smoke and mirrors, so ours is totally transparent and trackable. Simply upload a claim in seconds, we’ll handle the rest.

Make a claim online in seconds.
Complete claim resolution transparency. Track payment progress in real time.
Simplified claims process pays you quicker.
Claims handled by your own personal claims handler.

Giving backto charity

Pick from our selection of amazing charity partners when you become a Waggel member, and we’ll make a yearly donation on your behalf.

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