Here is a little teaser of the advert. And by ‘a little teaser’ we mean here is the whole advert, but on your phone/computer screen not on TV. Below are our reasons behind the ad and we’ll introduce you to the stars of the show - human and animal.

We are the outlaws of the pet insurance industry. You may have got this from our subtle slogan, but we didn’t really like pet insurance before Waggel. It was boring, stuffy, and bloody confusing. It sucked. So we changed it. Our purpose at Waggel is to make insurance super simple but also enjoyable. Our TV ad is a reflection of this and the fun we have with our brand. We basically looked at previous insurance adverts and, from the bits we saw (when we weren’t fast asleep), decided to do the exact opposite. Our advert is a lighthearted ‘anti-Christmas’ ad, which expresses the importance of getting pet insurance but in a ‘fun for the whole family’ (except maybe small children) kinda way.

How did we film this? 

With a vision, a beautifully handmade set, the amazing , and a couple of very good boy actors (more on them in a minute).

The advert is a take on the horror genre, looking at movies like Psycho with a hint of The Shining and a Waggel twist, using our bright brand colours. An outlaw take on a scary movie, with pets, and bright colours - what’s not to like? 

The cast

We decided to play up to the classic cats and dogs fighting each other stereotype, so the cast wrote itself!

Monty was our main dog actor who, as we’re sure you can tell from watching the advert, is a superstar good boy. So very well behaved and nailed every scene. Behind the scenes, Barney was there as his stunt double - all superstars need a fearless lookalike.

We’d like to take this moment to say, no dogs were harmed in the making of this advert. In fact, they were having the best time - lots of treats, belly rubs, and rounds of applause.

The cat was also amazing, very quiet, but did exactly what we wanted, when we wanted, and how we wanted - mainly because it was a fake cat...but nonetheless, amazing.

Special thanks

Another mention of JAM, the agency behind the creation of this advert. Absolute legends who turned this vision into a reality - we couldn’t be happier with the result, so thank you. And a big thanks to all the production team, Barney and Monty for Oscar worthy acting, the crazy cat lady who lent us one of her fake cats (just kidding it was JAM’s), , the owners of the dogs, and our amazing voice model - you may recognise her voice from her radio shows, Magic Chilled and BBC Introducing in London.

Hope you all enjoyed it, keep an eye out for it on on Christmas Eve, and (although the ad has nothing to do with Christmas except for being on Christmas Eve) Merry Christmas everyone.