What is Underdog Unity?

Underdog Unity facilitates a network of volunteers across the UK who can be matched with people who need help caring for their dog – whether that be walking their dog, shopping for dog food and supplies, taking dogs to the vets and even caring for the dogs for extended periods in their own homes.

The charity is raising awareness for those in need to sign up and calling on volunteers from across the UK to help support dog owners in their local area who may not be able to leave their house due to their current circumstances.

The initiative is having an incredibly positive impact on dog owners in need and their dogs, of course! We have thousands of volunteers, but we need more, and critically, we need to raise awareness to those who need help!

- Nadine Kayser, Founder & Ceo


How are Waggel supporting Underdog?

Waggel are supporting this great cause by offering a month’s free pet insurance to those dog owners who need the help of Underdog volunteers during lockdown.

In addition, for every member who joins Waggel using the link , Waggel will be donating £25 to Underdog to help them continue to run the scheme.

Many of the Waggel team members have already signed up to volunteer in their local communities and will be sharing their stories in the coming weeks.

How can I get involved?

Are you a vulnerable pet owner looking for support or a dog lover and want to help out?

Depending on the owner’s needs, Underdog volunteers can help vulnerable owners with:

  • Dog walking
  • Vet visits
  • Shopping for dog food and supplies
  • Short term fostering

If you have experience with dogs, whether that be professionally or personally, and would like to volunteer, you can register

If you are in need of help with your dog, you can call 020 8050 4292, email hello@theunderdog.org or register

Help us spread the word!

We are keen to help raise awareness of Underdog Unity among dog lovers, so please help us and share with anyone you know who is in a vulnerable position or would love to help out!