What inspired you to create Hoop n Loop?

“Of course, my wonderful muse Koko.

When I moved to London for work, I had to leave my dog (and companion) Koko behind in Scotland. It was heartbreaking...

Before I started Hoop n Loop, I worked in Fashion as a pattern cutter with long and tiring hours! With my pattern cutting skills, I would start to create embroidery with fabrics I found lying around. First I made an embroidery of Koko for my parents and friends then soon after, people began to ask me if I would embroider portraits of their pets too.

Quite simply that’s how Hoop n Loop was born.”

Tell us about the "Hoop n Loop" process - from drawing to final product!

“Well, it’s tip-top secret! But I have started using an iPad Pro to sketch and I have literally discovered the most amazing app to help!

From the initial drawing, I then turn this document into an embroidery file, the embroidery machine takes it from there. Finally, after embroidering, I finish anything by hand at the end if anything is needed.”

What’s the most exciting project you've had to do yet?

“I had the most interesting commission from a young couple who owned a pair of Bearded dragons. They wanted me to make a pair of cushions, embroidering a dragon on each.

Sketching them was a challenge and took me a long time but the embroidery turned out to be the most colourfully detailed work I have ever done so far.”

(So any pet really is accepted :))

What’s in store for Hoop n Loop? Is personalisation the future?

“I want to really keep Hoop n Loop free to expand and explore and not limit the business in any way. So far I have been exploring the idea of different animals and even plants.

As for personalisation, I really do believe it will always be a part of what makes our items extra special and unique to the buyer. Personalisation really is just that, no one wants to be wearing the same thing as the person next to them right?”

Do you think you’ll get a new doggo soon? What breeds do you love?

“I love all dogs, so have no bias over a breed which I would like. However living in the city, I would love to have a smaller breed to join me on all my city adventures!”