Introduction to Dog Antler Chews:

Benefit of Deer Antlers and Are Deer Antlers Safe?

Deer antlers for dogs are a natural, healthy and generally safe way to help boost your dog's immune system due to the number of immunoglobulins it contains. Dog's especially love the marrow inside antlers.

The Antlers digestible compounds are , meaning they are a perfect choice as a safe path to natural supplementation and health benefits.

Deer antler Chews are also a natural source of calcium, which is good for your dog's bones and joints. Antlers can also help clean teeth by scraping off plaque buildup on the surfaces of the teeth as well as stimulating your dog's jaw strength.

Many people also love to use dog antler chews as a source of fun for their canine friends.

Some vets do warn however that there can be some possible issues with sharp shards and dental issues with antler chews, so although they are generally safe, we always recommend supervising your dog.

We hope to provide some insights about how to get started using them and which ones Waggel Recommends.

What are the types of antler chews?

Many dog owners choose to feed their pet deer antlers for dogs as a chew toy because they are natural and healthy.

There are many different types of Antler or natural dog chews, some that are softer and some that are harder. These can be split deer antlers, and the split elk antler dog chew, among others.

Don't opt for the cheaper, low-grade antler, but look for the best quality natural antlers for your dog's chewing challenge.

Deer antlers come in and provide hours of chewing enjoyment for most pets. These types of chews can help keep your pet's teeth clean and strong too!

Deer Antler Chews generally come from a whitetail deer or mule deer in most cases. They also come in a variety of textures and sizes.

Deer antlers are the most common type for dogs, but there are also other varieties available.

Other varieties such as moose antlers are different types of antler chews that can present the same issues as regular deer antler chews.

The softness of moose antlers makes them more likely to cause injury than other types of antler chews.

One of these issues is that antler chews can cause damage to teeth if your dog is an aggressive chewer, so be sure to supervise them.

Other Health Benefits of Natural Antlers?

Antler chews are a natural and organic way to boost your dog's joint health and induce a sense of well-being.

Deer antlers are safe for dogs to chew and have many benefits for your dog.

They are digestible and contain nutritional benefits for your dog. They are also a natural dental chew that helps to keep teeth clean.

Gnawing on deer antlers helps to remove plaque off your dog's teeth, which in turn keeps them clean and white.

Deer antlers are hypoallergenic, have no odour, and can be eaten by dogs of most ages without restriction.

Antler chews also offer a fun and comfortable alternative to other treats for dogs and can act as a type of supplement that has been shown to provide many benefits.

These benefits include helping to improve overall health and vitality, aiding in weight loss, and preventing disease.

Antler chews can be used by both puppies (with supervision!) and adults, and they are a great way to help keep your dog healthy and happy!

Are puppies allowed Deer antlers?

Deer antlers can be ok for puppies depending on the size and breed. Some puppies may struggle because the antlers are too strong for their jaws and teeth to handle.

Puppies do love to chew on deer antlers, however, but they do not bite down with the same force as larger dogs and could cause broken teeth and tooth fractures if they try too hard.

This is eventually alleviated by the fact that puppy teeth fall out around 4-6 months old and they begin gaining strength with their adult teeth.

If high-quality deer antlers can be found, then they may be used with puppies under 4 months old if supervised closely because they can have potential dangers with any sharp edges. So, pet parents should be wary and supervise your pup with these popular chews!

With all antler chews, vet's will generally recommend waiting until 10 weeks old before giving deer antler to your dog.

Deer antlers and elk antlers are two types of chew toys that are popular with dogs for long-lasting chews.

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So, How Long Do Deer Antlers for Dogs Last?

Antlers for dogs can last between six months to a year, making them long-lasting entertainment for your furry friend.

One key tip is to prevent your dog from using an antler if it is visibly cracked or splintered in order to help to reduce any risk of choking.

While most veterinarians advise staying away from antlers for dogs who are so young, if you do choose to give your dog an antler, it is a good idea to supervise him while your dog chews on it (or any chew toy for that matter).

Do Deer Antlers Make For a Good Chew Toy?

Dog owners are wondering what is the point of adding deer antlers to their dogs' chew toy mix. For dogs who are intense chewers, avoiding the softer chew by giving your dog a deer antler chew can occupy them for hours on end, leaving your furniture legs intact.

Dogs are naturally drawn to chewing on other objects such as branches. This helps wear down their teeth while they swallow the mass of small pieces, which helps prevent dental disease and offers dental gum stimulation.

Which Antler Size is Best for my Dog?

We recommend the sizes below for the various types of breeds. This is important because you want an antler that is easy enough for your dog to carry and to chew without too much effort while being large enough not to become a choking hazard.

SizeAntler LengthExample Breed Sizes
Small9cmChihuahuas, Toy Poodles
Medium11cmCocker Spaniels, Border Terriers
Large14cmBorder Collies, Labradors
Extra Large16cmNewfoundlands, Wolfhounds

What Waggel Recommends:

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Deer antlers for dogs are a natural and healthy treat. They come in various types such as split antlers for example. Many dogs love the taste and texture of deer antlers. They are nutrient-rich, healthy and natural, perfect for an active and playful dog.

They provide a great source of minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus.

Deer antlers can improve their teeth health and support their bone health by providing calcium and helping to build up the jaw and neck muscles that are essential for maintaining a healthy chew function.

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