Second Chance Grant Terms and Conditions

Before applying for a grant please read these terms and conditions fully. Grants will not be considered unless all terms below are complied with and all questions on the application form are fully answered.

Application criteria 

Applicants must have registered charity status. Grants will not be given to enable charities to register with the Charity Commission. 

To submit an application, you must be an employee or volunteer of the organisation that is applying.

Grant applications must demonstrate a direct benefit to the rehoming/sheltering of dogs and/or cats.

The charities will be the organisations which, best reflect and encourage the following values of the Assessment Criteria:

  • Purpose: Your goal and objective behind the work your organisation is doing. How this aligns with Waggel in terms of supporting the rehoming of dogs and/or cats.

  • Effectiveness: How you work towards delivering information, support and services relating to the adoption and rehoming of pets in your community in a viable and sustainable way.

  • Impact: How you demonstrate that your organisation will deliver against the objectives you have laid out and work towards facilitating the rehoming process and supporting pets and adopters in the process.

We may request the following documentation to your application:

  • Sections from most recent audited annual accounts (please do not include full accounts). 

  • A video call and/or photographs of the rescue centre to assess the living conditions of the rescued animals.

  • Name and contact details of veterinary surgeons and/or adopters as a reference.  

Grants for animal housing will need to prove the following:

  • The land on which the buildings stand must be owned by the receiving charity.

  • There must be adequate staffing of such animal housing to allow liberal access to those who are considering giving an animal a home.

  • You will be expected to provide evidence of planning permission acceptance and copies of floor plans/drawings.

All applicants for grants must complete the grant application form in full and must supply any other information requested. 

Waggel will verify all applications prior to making any award, including (but not limited to) establishing the eligibility and authority of the person submitting the application and the eligibility of the organisation. Waggel may require such information as outlined above where it considers reasonably necessary for this purpose and may withhold the grant, or the opportunity to be considered for a grant, until Waggel is satisfied with the verification. 

Charities are invited to re-apply for a grant following a successful and/or unsuccessful submission, but should not anticipate that this application will be successful.

Charities with multiple branches should coordinate and send one application only.  

Applicants should ensure that they are aware of and comply with all guidance issued by the Charity Commission and Fundraising Regulator.    

Applicants for grants must be able to demonstrate experience in rehoming. Grants will not be made to those rescues that want to keep rescued animals permanently as their own, nor to those who take in more animals that they can reasonably cope with.  

Any personal details will be used solely for the purposes of administration of the grant and will be used solely in accordance with current data protection legislation. Please visit for further details.

The grant

  • Charities will use the grant exclusively for the work outlined in their application. 

  • Charities will hold any unused part of the grant in trust for Waggel at all times. Charities will inform Waggel of any underspend within a reasonable time to discuss the appropriate use. 

  • The charity will be notified by phone/email within 28 days of the judging taking place. Successful charities must acknowledge this notification within 7 days and must also provide such other documentation as Waggel may reasonably request to confirm their grant. 

  • There is a total of £25,000 worth of grants available. A panel will review all applications and the successful applicants will be awarded a grant value between £1,000 to £12,500 if successful. In order to be eligible for the review process, applications must be submitted by the set deadline.

  • Waggel will not increase the grant if the selected charity spends more than the agreed budget.

  • Waggel accepts no liability for any consequences, whether direct or indirect, that may come about from the charity running the project, the use of the grant or from a withdrawal of the Waggel grant.

The project

  • The charity will seek Waggel’s written agreement before making any change to the project or to its aims, structure, delivery, duration or ownership.

  • The charity agrees to make satisfactory progress with the project and complete it within twelve months of receiving the grant offer email.

  • Work must start on the project within 4 weeks of the grant offer being accepted so that Waggel may have material for project promotion at any time.

  • The charity will not use the grant to pay for any spending commitments made before the date of the Grant Agreement unless agreed in advance by Waggel.

  • The charity understands that the grant money will be transferred to their account within 20 working days of submission of the grant acceptance paperwork (subject to approval).

  • Successful applicants must send a report on progress of any funded work by the end of January in the year following the award, along with photos of the work and details of any resulting publicity.

  • The charity will inform Waggel of any offer of funding for this project from anyone else at any time during the project.

  • The charity will inform Waggel promptly about any changes to information provided and will make sure that the information Waggel holds is always true and up to date.

Good luck with your application!