Simplified, personalised pet insurance.

  • Lifetime Pet Insurance with up to £15,000 coverage

  • Free vet, behaviour and nutritionist video calls

  • Personally assigned UK-based vet nurse

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Lifetime pet insurance simplified.

Flexible limits and excess.

Adjustable Annual Limit and Claims Contribution (Excess) to suit your coverage and budgetary needs. It's just one of our many unique features and helps you to take control of your pet's policy.

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Complete coverage.

We'll cover your vet fees up to the limits selected. This includes consultation fees, diagnostics, procedures, surgery and medication.

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Dental included.

We cover treatment costs associated with dental-related accidents and illnesses up to £1,000.

"I have to say never in my adult life have I ever claimed on pet insurance before. This was so straightforward and easy to use. Anxiety gone."
Heston, a small brown and white dog.
Nick & Heston.

Personalised claiming.

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Completely digital.

Make a claim in seconds and track it online in real-time.

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Extensive network.

Claim at any UK-registered vet practice and we'll pay them directly.

Members get more.

Free vet video calls with Joii.

We've partnered with Joii to bring Waggel members exclusive access to 24/7 online vet care. Schedule immediate consultations and connect with a qualified UK-based vet through one easy-to-use app.

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Free behaviourist & nutritionist video calls.

Waggel members get access to free behaviour and nutrition consultations with Heal The Dog to solve any dog-related issues. With over 10 years of experience, whatever the problem, they can help.

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Your bespoke reward partners.

Butternut Box

Butternut Box.

Fresh, home-cooked dog food, perfectly portioned and delivered to your door.

Biscuit Pet Care

Biscuit Pet Care.

A free-to-use pet rewards app that treats you for walking and taking care of your dog.



Free & unique home stays around the world, in exchange for caring for adorable pets.

Protect My Pet

Protect My Pet.

Tailored flea, tick and worm protection your pet needs, delivered monthly to your door. All sizes & breeds.

Pet Database

Pet Database.

Pet Database the only free database containing the details of microchipped pets with a UK-wide lost pet service.

Frequently Asked Questions.

You always have the option to put money aside to cover any future vet bills.

However, by doing so, you run the risk of having not saved enough by the time your pet needs treatment. In addition to this, you might deplete the funds you have saved for any conditions that require ongoing treatment.

With a Lifetime policy, the only type of policy Waggel offers, you will be able to claim up to your chosen Annual Limit year-after-year.

For more information on why you need pet insurance, read our comprehensive guide here.

We are all about being human. This means simplifying and personalising pet insurance.

We only offer Lifetime policies that are designed to cover everything pet owners expect. Our policies are adjustable by Annual Limit and Claim Contribution (Excess), allowing you to make the necessary changes to get a policy to suit your coverage and budget needs.

Every Waggel member is assigned a Customer Champion. All our Champions are qualified UK-based vet nurses and will be on hand to help you with any service issues or questions about your claims.

All members have access to our Membership Platform, where we provide free online vet video calls, free online behaviour & nutrition video consultations, and a number of rewards and discounts from independent pet brands.

A Lifetime policy means that your Annual Limit will be replenished every year. So as long as you keep your policy active by renewing it each year, your pet will be covered for life.

At Waggel, we only offer Lifetime policies.

Medical Bills
Your Waggel policy will cover vet bills for accidents, injuries, and illnesses, up to your chosen Annual Limit. This includes £1,000 for dental treatments (accident & illness) and £1,000 for complementary and behavioural treatments.

Purchase Price
We will cover a portion of your purchase price that you paid when adopting your pet up to £1,000 in the event your pet passes away, is stolen, or goes missing.

Third-Party Liability
For dogs, you are covered up to £2 million if your dog is responsible for injuring or damaging another person or their property.

The above is only meant as a summary. Please refer to your policy wording for the full details as to what is and isn't covered.

While our policy does cover the majority of issues that might occur within your pet's life, there are some things we don't cover.

Your pet will not be covered for treatment that occurs within the first 14 days of the policy (your warm-up period).

Medical Claims
Routine, elective or preventative treatments such as neutering, grooming, flea/worming treatments, dental polish/scale removal
Pre-existing conditions - symptoms or conditions that occurred before your pet was insured with us
Advanced treatments such as stem cells, gene therapy, prosthetics, and organ transplants.
Notifiable diseases
Blankets & prescription food are also not covered

Purchase Price due to Loss, Theft or Passing
Pre-existing conditions
Cremation or burial costs
Death due to illness of pet over 8 years old

Third-Party Liability
Claims made by family
Claims related to your work
Claims whereby your dog is aggressive or has a history of aggression
Claims where your dog causes injury to other animals or pets including chasing and attacking
Property you are renting

The above highlights the main points not covered. Please refer to the policy wording for the full details of what is and isn't covered.

You can claim with any vet practice, as long as they are a registered member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Your price might increase on renewal.

As pets get older they are more likely to go the vet and our pricing needs to take this into account.

We would also change your price based on the number of conditions you have claimed for and the total amount claimed, along with any inflation in veterinary costs and sometimes pricing model updates.

Don’t worry too much though, at Waggel we use caps on increases to try and avoid any shocks.

"Lots of people worry that 5-star reviews don't reflect reality and are given before trying to make a claim. Well, my claim just got approved and I can say it's been a 5 out of 5."
princess the chihuahua under a blanket
Jad & Princess.

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