Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is copied by a web server onto your computer when you visit a website. The information stored in a cookie can be read by the web server and is used to allow a website to recognise your computer when you come back to visit our website again or browse from page to page of a website.

Cookies can help a website to arrange content to match users’ preferred interests more effectively or avoid the need for users to re-enter data when they revisit a website. This can help you by speeding up your log-in time or customising the layout of pages according to your needs and preferences. Cookies are used by millions of the most popular websites on the internet and do not harm your computer.

If you’re curious, you can read more about cookies

How do we use cookies on Waggel’s websites?

We use cookies on our website to observe how our users navigate through the website – this lets us improve the site and tailor it better to our users’ needs. We use information from cookies to:

  • Compile statistical data on the use of the website.

  • Make it easier and faster to navigate through the website.

  • Make sure our website is working properly.

  • Personalise and improve the service we offer to our customers.

  • Help us deal with queries or complaints from you.

  • Prevent and detect fraud and financial crime.

We also use cookie technology to ensure that, where you have registered for the Waggel platform services, we maintain your confidentiality and security as you view any password-protected areas of our sites.

To measure the effectiveness of our advertisements and promotions on selected third-party websites, we may (together with the third-party companies who help manage our online advertising) use cookies to measure response rates to our advertisements and promotions.

We will not pass on any cookie-derived information to third parties other than as set out in this Cookie Policy.

From time to time we may use Google Remarketing cookies to understand your preferences and improve the quality and relevance of advertisements you see on third-party websites. Your identity is protected and we don’t combine your browsing information with any personal information you have given us.

What kind of cookies do we use on the website?

We use the types of cookies on the website:

Essential Cookies: These cookies are crucial to the functionality of the website and accepting them is a pre-condition to your usage of our website. They facilitate a range of onsite activities, from letting you log in, to saving your progress as you move across the website, to making online purchases and more. These cookies do not gather any marketing information, nor can they be used to track where you have been on the internet.

These include:

  • System cookies: rmx_consent, rmx_deviceId, rmx_refreshToken, rmx_accessToken, rmx_basketId, rmx_affiliateCode, rmx_affiliateTerms, rmx_conectiaReqId, rmx_supportId

  • Stripe: __stripe_mid, m

  • Google: CONSENT, SOCS, FPLC (to store consent choices), LSID, ACCOUNT_CHOOSER, __Host-3PLSID, __Host-1PLSID, __Host-GAPS, __Secure-OSID, COMPASS (for Google account holders)

Behaviour Cookies: Behaviour cookies are used to optimise user experience. These cookies allow us to see how visitors interact with the website by collecting and analysing various data. Such data might include how long a user spends on the website, which links are most popular and at what point visitors leave the site. These cookies allow us to ensure our operational features and services work through viewing session recordings. This category may also include cookies that allow us to customise what you see on our website and where, based on what we know about you. Our website will still work without them.

These include:

  • Fullstory: fs_lua, fs_uid

  • Sentry: AMP_[x], sentry-sc, session, gsID, AMP_MKTG_[x]

  • Google Analytics: _ga_[x], _ga, SID x 2, OTZ, _gid, FPAU, FPGSID

Advertising Cookies: We and our partners use these cookies to understand what you're interested in on our website. These cookies may also identify which other websites may have directed you to our website. This is so we or our partners can personalise our marketing to you, including online advertising. You can change your mind on how you receive certain types of marketing message or choose to stop receiving them at any time. You can find more details about this in our Privacy Policy.

These include:

  • Google Ads: _gcl_au, AEC, NID x 2, SSID x 2, APISID x 2, SAPISID x 2, HSID x 2, SIDCC x 2, ar_debug, IDE, Conversion, S, OSID, FPID

  • Google Analytics: _ga_[x], _ga, __Secure-1PAPISID x 2, __Secure-1PSID x 2, __Secure-1PSIDCC, __Secure-1PSIDTS, __Secure-3PAPISID x 2, __Secure-3PSID x 2, __Secure-3PSIDCC, __Secure-3PSIDTS, SID x 2, _gat_UA-[x]

  • Microsoft Ads: MUID [x2], MSPTC, _clck, _uetsid, _uetvid, _clsk, ANONCHK, CLID, MR, SM, SRM_B

  • TikTok: _tt_enable_cookie, _ttp, msToken

  • Meta Pixel: _fbp, _fbc, , usida, datr, xs, wd, sb, presence, oo, locale, c_user

  • Intently: smc_not, smc_refresh, smc_sesn, smc_session_id, smc_spv, smc_tag, smc_tpv, smc_uid, smct_session

  • Linkedin Ads: lidc, li_gc, AnalyticsSyncHistory, UserMatchHistory, bcookie, li_sugr