Perks tailored to you and your petPerks tailored to you and your pet

Perks tailored to
you and your pet.

Forget hold music, paperwork and “gotcha” clauses, our single policy is designed to give pet owners everything they need, at a fair price, with no hidden nasties.


Members' benefits

Our small friends deserve big luxury, so we offer exclusive benefits on hand-picked products, services, and experiences to help you and your pet live your best life.

Heal the Dog
Free consultations with a dog behaviour specialist.
Becoming fluent in woofs and borks takes time and practice and we know sometimes trying to understand our dogs can be a bit too much. That is why we provide our members with free consultations with a dog behaviour specialist, who has over 10 years experience.
Free video calls with vets.
We know sometimes our pets can be a bit... weird. When that happens a vet visit can seem like a costly and unnecessary over reaction, whilst doing nothing can also feel like the wrong response.

Some of our most popular reward partners.

We carefully select our partners and each month give our members new offers and competitions.

This month's rewards

Each month we hand-select brands that echo our values to offer our members and their pets unique and exclusive perks and rewards.

10% OFF
Victoria Armstrong
Victoria Armstrong is a classic selection of home and giftware, designed with the dog lover in mind. A focus on sustainable, quality and support of British manufacture at the core.
Helen Penny
Helen Penny is an illustrator & surface designer based in East London. Her products are a beautiful blend of both her design & sewing skills to bring unique gifts to pet owners, from prints to pillows!
Pet Teezer
Pet Teezer was born out of the love for the infamous detangling hairbrush, (for humans) Tangle Teezer. The must-have as a brush that effortlessly detangles with no pulling or tugging. Now re-designed for pets. It’s the perfect option for dogs who hate brushing!

Allour rewards

Whether you frequent cafes with your Frenchie or prefer stomping through marshland with your Border Collie, there's something for everyone.

8 Wellbeing Partners
Including First Vet, HOWND, Pet Remedy & Monbelle
18 Food Partners
Including Butternut Box, Scrumbles, Poppys Picnic, Rockster & Meowing Heads
12 Accessory Partners
Including Teddy Maximus, Barc London & The Woolly Lou

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